13 Killdeer, county seats up for grabs

Dunn County and the city of Killdeer could face several shakeups heading into this year’s election season.
N.D. Group Editor
Posted April 9, 2014

Upon Monday’s deadline to file to be placed on the primary ballot in June, two seats on the Killdeer Board of Commissioners were under contention.
Incumbent Mayor/Commission President Dan Dolechek faces competition from Commissioner Chuck Muscha for his position.
Incumbent Commissioner Anita Mjolhus filed to continue her role on the commission board, but Chuck Muscha forsakes his in order to run against Dolechek. Candidates Kevin Candrian and Matthew Hegstad will join Mjolhus to vie for those two available seats.
For three positions on the city’s park board, it was a different story.

Killdeer City Administrator Dawn Marquardt received no petitions for a 2-year and two 4-year positions on the park board, leaving them vacant or open to write-in candidates.

In one of the more hotly contested races, three people filed petitions to be placed on the ballot to run for Dunn County Sheriff.
Current Sheriff Clay Coker, who took over as sheriff following a long hiring process, filed to try and officially win his role by way of a public vote.
Current Dunn County Sheriff Deputies Glenn Gietzen and Kenny LaRocque also filed for the position.
Voters will chose two of the three candidates, with the winners advancing to fight it out in the November general election.
Also competing against each other in the general election will be the five candidates who emerge from the primary to fill three seats on the Dunn County Board of Commissioners.

Incumbents Donna Scott, Daryl Dukart and Glenn Eckelberg have filed for their respective seats, along with candidates Tim Steffan and Craig Pelton.
Because voters will pick two candidates for each available position, and only five offered petitions, all five will proceed past the primary.
Incumbent Dunn County Auditor Tracey Dolezal is running unopposed for her position, as is Dunn County Clerk of Court/Recorder Lisa Guenther.
Assistant State’s Attorney Pat Merriman has filed a petition to become the Dunn County State’s Attorney, currently filled by Ross Sundeen.
Dolezal said Sundeen did not file a petition, but would finish the rest of his term.

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