2nd grade poets use senses to write

Killdeer Grade School students in Mrs. Gartner’s second grade have been busy with descriptive writing this winter.

Posted 2/14/14

Killdeer Grade School students in Mrs. Gartner’s second grade have been busy with descriptive writing this winter.

They wrote these winter snapshot poems using their five senses and they wanted to share them with you!

Winter looks like vanilla ice cream with diamonds on top. Winter feels like ice cubes and snow cones. Winter sounds like mooing in a corral on a full moon night. Winter tastes like roasted marshmallow and hot cocoa.

Taiven Murray


Winter looks like bright, white, cold, and frosty wind in the breeze. Winter feels like a cold frosty brain freeze! Winter sounds like a cold bright wind. Winter tastes like a cold drop of water. Winter smells fresh like peppermint.

Ethan Hendrickson


Winter looks really white like a house full of white paint. It feels as cold as vanilla ice cream. Winter sounds quiet when the animals are hibernating. It tastes fresh like peppermints that have just got opened. Winter smells fresh outside with good new snow. Winter is full of really white snow.

Ben Roundy


Winter looks white like ice cream. Winter feels chilly and windy. Winter sounds quiet like a frozen river. Winter tastes like a popsicle. Winter smells like a freezer.

Taylen Schettler


Winter feels cold like a frozen lake. Winter feels like you are jumping in a noisy wind on a soft snowbank. Winter sounds like a sparkling breeze. Winter tastes cool like a peppermint patty.

Chett Reeves


Winter looks like a blizzardy storm. Winter feels like an ice-cold pool. Winter sounds like a soft dazzling drift in our trees. Winter tastes as soft as cotton candy. Winter smells airy and cold.

Gus Bombach


Winter looks cold and icy and white like a snowflake. Winter feels like a soft blanket. But cooold! Winter sounds like it is screaming a howl at me. Winter tastes like water because it is water. Winter smells like tasty hot cocoa mom makes me.

Jamie Bugos


Winter looks like white pretty snow. Winter feels like ice cream sundaes. Winter sounds like softly flying snow coming down. Winter tastes like peppermint… drippy and cool. Winter smells like nothing… empty of nothing. Winter is gently drifting down with snow. Winter softly comes down.

Autumn Arndt


Winter looks like a blizzard storm… snowy and bright. Winter feels cold as vanilla ice cream. Winter sounds quiet as a nap by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Winter tastes like peppermint, cool and fresh. Winter smells like hot chocolately cocoa by the window.

Josey Andersen


Winter looks like 1000 snowflakes. Winter feels like cold wind and a frozen popsicle. Winter sounds like a mountain valley filled with sleeping elk in January. Winter tastes like cotton that melts in my mouth. Winter smells like marshmallows roasting on an open fire.

Luke Christie


Winter looks camouflaged under snow-covered grass. Winter feels like 100 snow crystals dripping water on your cheek. Winter sounds quiet as an empty arena. Winter tastes like cold water coming from the cloudy sky. Winter smells beautiful as the bright snow on a sunny day.

Shannoah Wilkie


Winter looks pretty when the white snow falls. Winter feels blizzardy and winter sounds quiet when air is closed in snow crystals. Winter sparkles like pop rocks. Winter smells cold, clean and crisp.

Kameron Filopovic


Winter looks like a snowman baby. Winter feels cold as ice. Winter sounds quieter than a bird chirping. Winter tastes like hot cocoa. Winter smells horrible as a skunk.

Henry Harker


Winter looks like glittery crystals. Winter feels cold as ice. Winter sounds like crunching where animals walk. Winter tastes like nothing watery ice. Winter smells but like cinnamon gingerbread men baking on a snowy day.

Shaoey Barreto


Winter looks like shaving cream and white fluffy donuts. Winter feels soft, hard, mushy, cold. Winter sounds like nothing and crunching sounds. Winter tastes like water and hot water boiling. Winter smells like peppermint and yummy food.

Braxton Istilart


Winter looks like a quiet snowy day on a nice, beautiful afternoon. Winter feels cold as ice on my face. Winter sounds like wind talking to me. Winter tastes like vanilla ice cream when I am inside my house. Winter smells crisp and cozy as my winter clothes on me at recess time.

Shelly Barajas



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