Bismarck Murder Suspect Found Dead in Dunn County

Dunn County residents felt concern earlier this week as reports surfaced that a murder suspect was possibly at large near Dunn Center.


By Bryce Martin

North Dakota Group Editor

The suspect, Kirk Kwasniewski, was ultimately found dead in Little Missouri State Park.

A search for Kwasniewski began early Monday morning when a woman called police to report she found her boyfriend dead inside her Bismarck home, and Kwasniewski was threatening her. One report suggested he had attempted to strangle her.

Kwasniewski, 35, was initially cornered shortly after midnight Monday by law enforcement in Burleigh County, but managed to elude police, according to officials.

Bismarck Police subsequently identified the murder victim as Caine Fischer, 30, of Bismarck.

A vehicle belonging to Kwasniewski was soon after found in Dunn County, according to officials.

Dunn County State’s Attorney Pat Merriman explained after the finding that the public had “no reason to be concerned” at that point.

Merriman confirmed that Kwasniewski’s vehicle was found in Little Missouri State Park, north of Dunn Center, early Monday morning, after police tracked the man’s mobile phone to the site.

Mercer, McKenzie and Dunn County Sheriff’s Departments were involved with the investigation, as well as the Killdeer Police Department and the N.D. Highway Patrol.

Just before noon that day, law enforcement confirmed they had found the body of Kwasniewski, not far from where his vehicle was found abandoned. His death was the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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