A Herd of Donkeys in School

On January 12, 2016, The Dairyland Donkey Basketball Tournament is one of the first and most exciting events to open up the New Year with phenomenal entertainment!

Donkey Basket Ball 1

By Cherie Roshau

For the DC Herald

Never heard of donkey basketball? It’s been a popular fundraising event in small-town America since the depression. This is tough competition for all involved…oh, it’s cruel and humiliating, but not to the animals. It’s a pain in the “gluteus maximus” for the people who try to ride them. There’s nothing to hold onto. Where’s the horn? Where are the stirrups? What’s my donkey’s name, Killdeer Buckaroo? Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law. The tournament consists of four teams made of FFA (Future Farmers of America) HOSA (Future Health Professionals) and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) as well as the Dunn County All-Stars (notable people from the community).

There is a little-known fact about this little-known sport. The FFA members LOVE donkey basketball! One ought to question why, but we will leave it at that! Their renowned captain is none other than the infamous Larry Lundberg, “King of the Rural Rednecks”. He is assisted by Hunter “The Vice Bice” and “Storming” Storm Nies. . The HOSA team, “The Smart Donkeys”, will consist of classy ladies looking for a winning streak that will make lighting look slow! Their coach, Cherie Roshau, is the artsy lady that promises to “draw” a crowd for the event. And finally, the FBLA team, “Taking Care of Business”, are “nothing but business” when it comes to this rigorous rodeo/basketball event. No doubt that the tough Manning cowgirl, Deanna Steffan, will coach her team with precision and determination. The final leadership person of interest is “Coach Great Dane Larson” who is utilizing his knowledge of the beasts of burden after years of pursuing a degree in donkey business. Coach Larson will be attempting to capture the championship through trickery and questionable practices.

The first game, beginning at 7:00 pm, pits the FFA team against the FBLA. We can expect some dazzling offense and defense…maybe even a few fast breaks. The winners of the first game will play the winners of the second game.

This tournament will initiate bragging rights to the overall winning team…but who will that be? Make sure that you mark this one-of-a-kind event on you calendars, January 12 starting at 7:00. This is a fundraising event for the FFA, HOSA and FBLA to help them with fees and costs when they represent our community as they pursue their education through competitive events throughout the state. Thank you for supporting our youth!

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