A Note of Gratitude To The People of Dunn County

On Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of October something amazing happened in Killdeer, a group of people helped to shape the world!

1To the amazing people who supported and participated in the Dunn County Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) Mobile pack event that took place I give you my sincerest thanks and gratitude.  So many people came and gave two hours of their time for a packing shift, and many more stayed and signed up for 2 shifts or more.  Our goal was to pack 100,000 meals for children in developing nations or refugees who are in dire need.  We ended up packing 109,080 meals!  We are the smallest community that has ever hosted a mobile pack for this non-for profit organization.  One of my favorite writers and directors, Joss Whedon once wrote “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!”  Because of those who supported and volunteered 299 children will eat for a whole year!
I would also like to extend an extra thank you to the team of volunteers from St John’s Lutheran Church that helped put the event together and especially the High Plains Cultural Center.  The three event leaders that came from FMSC organization said that conditions where “ideal” for their mobile packs, and they were!  Plenty of space, a kitchen where we prepared food for the volunteers and sampled the meals we were packing.  There was an area for the young children to be in whose parents were volunteering.  There was a wonderful energy that surrounded the room and I can tell you first hand, because I asked as many as I could, everyone had fun.  I again thank you all for the wonderful memories of this community’s effort; they will be with me all my life.
Gratefully yours,
Pastor John Simonson

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