Art Show and Spring Concerts Highlight the Talent of Area Youth

The school year is winding down and with the end of the school year comes the spring choir and band concerts that showcase the talent of the area’s youth. This year the concerts were complements by the first annual judged art show. The art is on display during the spring concerts.

By Pam Kukla
For the DC Herald

The art show is unique because it is the only event including grades K through 12, said organizer and art instructor Cherie Roshau. Roshau along with KPS elementary teacher Julee Gartner organized the event to showcase the artistic talents of the students.
“Last year we had an art show, but this was the first year it was juried,” said Roshau. The four judges tasked with the difficult choices of judging among all of the talented artists were Terrald Bang, Mary Weidner, Mary Helfrich, and Verna Wolf. Some art entries were school assignments, while others were done outside of class. Roshau said there has been a great response from the students, teachers and public to the art show.
Categories in the art show were painting, drawing and photography. There were 29 entries in the high school division and 46 entries in the K-6th grades.
The winners in the Advanced Painting division were 1st Chloe Fredericks “Sitting Bull”, 2nd Emery Dobitz “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, and 3rd “Chloe Fredericks “Long Love”. In the Intermediate Painting division winners were 1st Danielle Fredericks “Daisies”, 2nd Savannah Rogers “Tortuga Marina” and 3rd Jessica Starr “Dancing People”. Winners in the Beginning Painting division were 1st Alison Scheetz “Sunset”, 2nd Sydnee Choat “Midnight Flight” and 3rd Brooklyn Larken “The Country”.
The winners in the Advanced Drawing division were 1st Kurtlyn Hall, 2nd Kurtlyn Hall and 3rd Emery Dobitz. Intermediate Drawing winners were 1st Ayana Kovash “Young Innocence”, 2nd Ayana Kovash “Reba Roan” and Abbie Zastoupil “Tree of Life”. Beginner Drawing winners were 1st Anthony Holding Eagle “Maze”, 2nd Lily McFadden “Hope” and 3rd Hannah Smyth “The Scene”.
Winners in the Photography Division were 1st Jasmine Ridl “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, 2nd Jurnee Murray “Hide and Seek” and 3rd Gabi Flaget “Three Hair Birds on a Barn”.
Kindergarten Winners were 1st Adrian “Looking Down”, 2nd Adalyn “Looking Down” and 3rd Aaliyah “Rudolph”. Overall winners in grades 1st through 3rd were Rieley Kluver “The Big White Pumpkin”, 2nd Gus Bohmhach “My Fish” and 3rd Marnie Schmidt “Under the Sea”. Overall winners in grades 4th through 6th were 1st Rachel Knopik “101 Dalmations”, 2nd Rudy Polanco “Mickey Mouse” and 3rd Cody Simmons “Dragon Head”.
Winner Rieley Kluver said the best part of drawing is coloring. He uses art for more than just art’s sake.  His teacher Julee Gartner said he uses his skill to draw pictures of his spelling words which then helps him remember them.
Roshau hopes to see the artists submitting their work during the Dunn County Fair’s open class competition. The public is invited to come up during the concert season and check out the art show.

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