Assisting Greatness: Volleyball player makes 1,000 assist career

Steena Larsen (far left) works with teammates Sydney Andersen (middle), Faith Dukart (back) and Hannah Kling (right) during the volleyball regional tourney.

If you’ve been following the Killdeer Varsity Volleyball team this season, you are not surprised that they are going to be playing in the Regional Tournament this week. This team is overflowing with incredible talent, and there has been another jaw-dropping achievement.

By Nicole Nowitzki
On Oct. 31, Steena Larsen has made her 1,000 career assist (set). One thousand of anything is simply amazing, but to complete this task by your Junior is amazing!
While visiting with her recently, she elaborated on how this is calculated, “It only counts as an assist if you get a point off that set ball.” Ultimately, she’s made a multitude more, but these have helped her team in victory this season.
When she first realized she had done it, she said, “When it happened I didn’t know at first. Then, a time-out was called, and I went into the huddle, and they told me. I heard the announcer, and I looked at the student section holding up the signs. I think the only words that came out of my mouth were, ‘What?’ and ‘Wow!’ It was a very surreal moment for me.”
She shares the court with an incredible group of ladies, and when asked about her talented team, she stated, “My team is everything to me and especially in this accomplishment. Without any passes or kills from my teammates, I would have nothing. I am blessed with the coaches and teammates I have. We have created some of the best team chemistry I have seen in a while. After this achievement, I was very grateful, and I only received the best love and support from my friends, family, fans, and team.”
Her coach, Allison Steffan, responded, “I am extremely proud of Steena for getting her 1000th career assist. This season, she has stepped into a 5-1 setter role, and she is really doing a nice job with it. She understands that every second ball is hers. No matter what. I love her hustle, and her never quit attitude. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next year.”
While reminiscing, Larsen explained, “This wild ride of a season has been a blast, and I am so thankful for everyone in it with us, and a big appreciation goes to our coaches for guiding us all through it.”

Steena Larsen keeps her eye on the ball during the volleyball regional tourney against Beach.


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