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Jackson Miller scurried around his home Wednesday morning, his little face filled with excitement. This was a big day for the 5-year-old.

He was going to school.

“He was real antsy, that’s for sure,” said Jackson’s mother, Heather, as she walked him into the school for the first time.

Miller reported to kindergarten, a smile stretching across his face. He was one of 459 students registered for the first day of classes at Killdeer Public School.

He woke up at 6 a.m. by himself. He jumped the in the shower and got dressed, an eagerness in his step and a sparkle in his eye. His wore his new clothes with pride. He carried has backpack with confidence. His hair was neatly combed in a Mohawk style.

But he was a little hesitant when he walked into the school with his mom and little sister, Abigail. The smile was less confident, his step was a bit slower and he clutched his mom’s hand like it was a caramel apple.

“It’s a little emotional, that’s for sure,” she said, herself struggling to maintain composure. “It’ll probably take him about 10 minutes and then he’ll warm up.”

It didn’t take Tyler Thompson or Noah Breshears long to warm up to the idea of going to school. They ran up the steps to the school, only to be stopped by their mothers before they reached the door. Sighing loudly, they stopped and waited.

And then they rolled their eyes when their mothers wanted a picture of them on their first day of school.

And they were not the only one posing for pictures. It was like the paparazzi was out there with all the flashes popping and cameras clicking.

One dad even had a video camera, recording every step his daughter took toward her destiny.

“You will thank me one day,” he said.

Some kids got a jump on all that jazz on Tuesday night, during the Open House at the school. They met their teachers, showed their parents where they would be sitting and what they would be learning.

Lakota Geiger, 5, even showed his younger brother, Landyn, 3, his locker and what he would put in it.

Others, meanwhile, were more interested in the food and drinks offered at the Open House. The Schleppenbach boys, Maxon, Emett and Simon munched on their ketchup-covered hot dogs as they made the rounds at the school with their mom, Holly.

While some were making their first steps on their first day, others were taking their first steps on their last day.

First day emotions were old hat for Sebastian Gessele. This was his 13th first day.

“I’m a senior and I’m ready to be done,” he said with a chuckle.

Carrying a plastic bag of books and a hot drink, Gessele reflected on his year at the school and said there’s always something special about the first day.

“You get used to coming to school but it’s something you always remember. It’ll be weird not coming back next year,” he said.

“It’s also kind of weird being one of the oldest in the school,” he added, again with a chuckle.

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