Big changes coming to the Dunn County Herald

Country Media’s newspapers in Bowman, New England, Killdeer, Hettinger and Baker have implemented a number of innovative changes over the past several months to provide our communities with complete, up-to-date, relevant news and advertising.

By BRYCE MARTIN N.D. Group Editor

Innovation by traditional newspapers is particularly important in this Age of the Internet. There’s never been a greater need for thorough, accurate information.
To help our readers sort out fact from fiction, Country Media is pursuing two strategic objectives:
•  The first is to reemphasize our belief in print media. To that end, we have improved the design of our newspapers, strengthened the leadership in our newsrooms, partnered with community residents and organizations to rethink our news content, and sharpened our writing skills.
And now, in another nod to the heritage of American newspapers and our commitment to print journalism, we’re returning to the “broadsheet” format. Beginning with the first edition of the New Year, we’ll be bringing you a larger newspaper each week.
The current tabloid-sized editions will be replaced by wider, longer pages with a horizontal fold in the middle. They’ll boast enhanced design and more of the important news and sports coverage you have come to expect from us.
• Our second objective, meanwhile, is in its early stages – the development of user-friendly, attractive websites and social media platforms in conjunction with each of our weekly newspapers.
The Bowman County Pioneer is our beta site for these digital enhancements, with similar innovations to follow at our other newspapers.

(Bryce Martin is group editor of Country Media’s N.D. properties, including The Herald, the Bowman County Pioneer, the Adams County Record and the Dunn County Herald. He can be contacted at

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