Dunn County Sheriff announces retirement


Dunn County Sheriff Clay Coker

Dunn County Herald Staff Report

Sheriff Clay Coker has announced today that he will not seek reelection to the office of Dunn County Sheriff. Sheriff Coker has decided to retire from law enforcement at the conclusion of this term.

In the email to his staff, Sheriff Coker stated, “It has been a great honor and privilege to lead such a fine group of men and women in this most difficult and dangerous profession. You have my utmost respect and thanks for a job well done; especially in a time in history when it has been the most difficult to serve in law enforcement. “

Sheriff Coker has been in armed, uniformed public service most of his life. First serving is the United States Marine Corps from 1982 to 1987; Sheriff Coker began his law enforcement career in 1987.

Sheriff Coker was appointed in June 2013 to finish the term of the previous Sheriff and was then elected to the office in November 2014. During his time in office, Sheriff Coker has modernized and grown the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office into one of the most well equipped, trained, and effective law enforcement agencies in North Dakota.

Sheriff Coker has one year left on his term and his retirement will be effective December 31, 2018. The newly elected Sheriff will take office on January 1, 2019.

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