‘BREWING UP A BUSINESS’: Student brings love for making coffee to area

At 24 years old, Laura Scott already owns and operates a business. And she loves what she does.


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Posted Feb. 8, 2013

MANNING — At 24 years old, Laura Scott already owns and operates a business. And she loves what she does.

Working as a barista while attending Montana Bible College for a degree in theology, Scott decided brewing coffee and working with people was something she truly enjoyed.

As a result, she brought her passion for making coffee to her hometown and The Coffee Cabin opened its drive-thru window Jan. 21.

“It’s been really trial and error lately,” Scott said. “Especially in the winter, people aren’t as consistent.”

With no other establishment in Dunn County solely open to serve hot and cold beverages and breakfast foods in a drive-thru fashion, Scott said she feels poised for success.

“We thought it’d be good here because there’s nothing like it,” Scott said with a smile.

Mainly established to serve traditional hot and cold coffee beverages one would purchase at larger city coffee shops, The Coffee Cabin also features non-coffee beverages, such as hot chocolate and tea, and offers breakfast foods in the morning, including muffins, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos.

It was Scott’s father, owner of a local ranch east of town, who originally suggested the idea of opening a coffee shop business in the area. After returning home from school in Bozeman, Mont., Scott told her father about her new love for coffee.

“It’s something I’m seriously passionate for,” she said.

A few credits shy of obtaining her degree in theology, Scott said she doesn’t have plans to abandon the business, or school.

“My degree has been helpful for practical reasons, but I’m going to plan on sticking with this for a while and see what happens,” she said. “It’s something I never planned on doing.

“It’s just cool how things work out.”

Only in her second week, Scott spoke enthusiastically about her business and cheerfully detailed many plans she hopes to accomplish in the future of her business. With the North Dakota Department of Transportation explaining that 8,000 vehicles travel on the busy Highway 22 in front of her store each day, Scott said she felt the location of her business was optimal.

Her favorite part of owning The Coffee Cabin, located on Highway 22 in Manning, thus far has been the public she gets to serve.

“I love the interaction,” she said. “People have been nice. It’s been fun getting to know (people).”

And while Scott worked hastily trying new recipes and new drink creations, she got to enjoy a bit of humor from her canine companion that welcomingly sits outside and surveys the customers.

The first morning Scott arrived, she stood at the drive-thru window chatting with her friend when her dog began to bark for no expected reason.

“I’m talking to (my friend) and, all of a sudden, I feel something tugging on the back of my apron,” she said. “And here it was my dog, and he was pulling me away from the window.”

With spring around the corner, Scott is getting her business ready for the warmer temperatures. She said she plans to create a patio area with chairs for patrons to sit and gather, to offer ice cream treats on warmer days, and have smoothies and milkshakes available for customers.

For the future, Scott hopes to add on to the new construction, transforming the existing drive-thru and walk-up business into a more traditional sit-down coffee shop. Though showing true ambition and dedication, as the sole proprietor of the shop, however, Scott realized her larger plans might have to remain shelved for just a bit longer.

“With just me by myself, I can only do so much,” she said.

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