Bryan’s Song

It was a little more than a year ago I walked into the Dunn County Herald office to see if they needed some help.
Then-publisher Stacy Swenson agreed to give me a chance.

By Bryan Gallegos

I wrote a story about a donation made to the Dunn Center fire hall. I scratched it out on a piece of paper during a break at another job I had at the time.
I don’t know if Stacy liked it. But she printed it.
It had been 10 years since I wrote a story for a newspaper. I had worked previously in Colorado and Nebraska but stepped away to work in energy field.
But I liked the feeling after seeing that story in print. So I offered to write another one.
Stacy agreed.
And then I did another one.
I enjoyed writing about the people in Dunn County. I loved the atmosphere and the values that were evident the very first day. It was like a modern-day “Mayberry.”
A lot of water has travelled under the bridge since that day. And things just kind of fell into place for me at the Dunn County Herald.
After I was laid off by the oil company that brought me to North Dakota and Stacy left the Dunn County Herald for other opportunities in South Dakota. As they say, as one door closed another opened for me.
I took over as publisher of Dunn County Herald in August. My goal was to make it a clean community newspaper with lots of local stories – features, hard news and sports – and big, colorful photos.
Some liked it. Others didn’t. But I was having fun.
Fast forward nine months and more changes are in store for Dunn County Herald. This will be my last edition.
I will be leaving this storied publication this week and will be returning to Colorado to be closer to family. After my mother passed away suddenly six weeks ago in Kansas, my wife and I decided to return to Colorado so we could enjoy being with family.
My plan is to work on my master’s degree in community/public relations. Additionally, I will be writing a sequel to my book “Ghost Train,” which was published a couple years ago.
The Dunn County Herald will be left in the capable hands of Stacy, who returned this week to resume leadership duties she had for three years. She has contacts in the community and experience to put her own stamp on the direction for the newspaper.
I will miss the time I spent at the paper, the people I worked with and friends I made in Dunn County. Thank you for allowing me into you homes and into your hearts. You will forever be in my heart.
Now I will have to stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a Colorado driver’s license and license plates.
I’m kind of bummed about that. The license plates from North Dakota are a lot more colorful.
Oh well.

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