Centennial Commemorative Print to be offered

Kaye Burian, professional artist, is behind the beautiful commemorative print painted exclusively for Killdeer’s Centennial.

The commemorative painting by Kaye Burian.
The commemorative painting by Kaye Burian.

The posters are out and only the details remain to be fine tuned as Killdeer’s Centennial Celebration is upon us.  The committee has worked hard trying to assure that there is something for everyone and wants to extend a personal invitation for everyone to come out and enjoy the fun.

It is hoped that the months of planning and hard work will pay off and it will be a celebration truly worthy of the occasion – a city celebration 100 years. You are the only missing element in making it a total success. After all, it is your party.

The Killdeer Centennial Committee is pleased to announce that a commemorative print will be offered for sale as a very unique keepsake of Killdeer’s 100-year celebration.

The original painting was commissioned by the City of Killdeer and was painted by the talented professional artist Kaye Burian.

A series of 100 signed and numbered prints will be sold as well as two giclees, which will be sold by silent auction (details included later).

The Centennial Committee feels very fortunate to have an artist the caliber of Kaye Burian to have taken on the project. Her credentials are that of an accomplished artist and are impressive. Her work will be shown in exhibitions such as the “America’s Horse in Art” at the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum in Amarillo, T.X., August 16 through November 8, 2014.  Her work was chosen for the Steel Dust Award for Best of Show in 2013. She is also scheduled to show at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show and Sale in Cheyenne, W.Y., July17 through 27, 2014.

Burian is a professional artist who works full time at her profession – usually 8-4, six days a week.

“I seem to add a few hours to my schedule each year,” she said. “Part of the reason is that work has to be submitted to galleries and shows digitally now, so more of my time has to be spent online.”

Although busy preparing for her upcoming shows and exhibits, she readily agreed to do the piece for Killdeer.

“Commissioned paintings can be a challenge but groups are very good to give me direction at what they would like in the painting and sometimes even provide photographs as a guide.”

When she began this piece, Burian was hoping to have the piece relate to a time 100 years ago and decided to focus on the cowboy of that era. The painting is a still life of a saddle, bridle, chaps, gun and branding irons of that time period. She was able to paint from actual articles and does wish to thank those who provided the authentic pieces for her use.

The painting is one that should appeal to many – not strictly the ranchers of the area – because it truly depicts an era and not simply a life style. The original oil will be hung in Killdeer City Hall.

Burian explained the uniqueness of a limited edition run in the printmaking process.

“There will only be a limited number of prints made from this original painting. They will be signed by the artist and numbered and when they are gone they are gone.  There can be no others made from the original. They will be high quality.”

The Committee is doing a run of 100 prints so be sure to get yours.

They will be sold in several locations throughout the celebration including the area banks, the school during the reunion activities, and City Hall.

In addition, two giclees were made. A giclee is a print that is very much like the original oil – it shows the depth and brush strokes and is a beautiful print that is a step up from a traditional print. These will be offered at silent auction.  One will be at the school; the other at American Bank Center with the bidding on July 3 only. Details will be posted with the prints.

The countdown is on! The celebration is not far off. Plan now to join the fun (or even volunteer to pitch in). The last meeting is scheduled for June 18 at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

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