Citizen Award Presented to Dickinson Men

On April 28th, 2016, The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office presented North Dakota Peace Officers Association (NDPOA) Civilian Lifesaver awards to two Dickinson men and NDPOA Civilian Good Samaritan awards to an additional five individuals from the Mandaree area.


On February 20th, 2016, at approximately 7:53 AM, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office and multiple area agencies were dispatched to the Skunk Bay area where it was reported that two men had fallen through the ice on their 4-wheeler while ice fishing. Dunn County deputies responding were advised that one man was rescued from the ice by two bystanders and that one man was still in the water.

On scene, deputies spoke with a man who credited his survival to Nathan Stieg and Jayden Concha of Dickinson. Deputies then made contact with Nathan and his nephew, Jayden, who stated they heard yelling out on the ice and realized two people had fallen through the ice. With their quick thinking, they formulated a rescue plan and were able to successfully retrieve one of the men from the water and get him to safety. Nathan and Jayden selflessly went above and beyond that day to save the life of a fellow man.

While on scene, multiple other individuals worked closely with emergency responders in recovery efforts of the second victim. Five individuals in particular are being awarded the Good Samaritan award for their assistance throughout the incident. Those individuals are Kenneth Danks, Susan Pettit, Robert O’Connell, Brian Ritzke and John Kebble all from the Mandaree area.

Brian, John and Robert aided emergency responders on scene, provided vital information regarding terrain, and utilized personal equipment in the recovery efforts of the second victim. Kenneth opened his home to Nathan, Jayden, and the surviving victim to wait while emergency personnel responded. Kenneth also opened his business to the family of the second victim, which allowed them all to stay warm and provided them with a sense of security throughout recovery operations. Susan sat with Nathan and Jayden and tended to them while they waited for emergency responders to medically clear them and collect their statements regarding the incident.

Dunn County Sheriff Clayton Coker is pleased to recognize Nathan and Jayden for their heroic actions that day, which saved a man’s life. “It’s not every day that we get to recognize members of our community. These two men are heroes” Coker stated.

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