City of Killdeer holds preliminary Budget Meeting


The City of Killdeer Commissioners meeting was called to order Tuesday evening at 5:30P.M. at Killdeer City Hall to discuss the preliminary budget for 2018. The next meeting will be to approve the budget, and that meeting will take place Tuesday September 5.

By Bryan Katz

At the start of the meeting, Commissioners calculated the total city revenues which equaled just over $3.3 million, and the total city expenses which was $3,177,528, with an additional $5 million set aside for the water, sewer and street reserves.

In discussion about the streets category, it was stated that the City of Killdeer would lose roughly $12,000 with a revenue of $150,000 and a total expense of $162,000. Next, was the Aquatic Center, bringing in a whopping $834.2K, while expenditures only reach $391,450, for a profit of well over$440,000.

City water may have been the most pressing of these matters, with $399,000 in revenue and an extremely high $749,800 expense for a loss of just over $350,000. A concern, indeed. However, this meeting was only preliminary, so there are certainly still kinks to be fixed.

Garbage was the next discussion which has always been a budget issue. Since 2016, more than $150,000 has been transferred into this fund from other funds. But, in this particular preliminary budget, garbage would be pulling in $248,000 in revenue and $319,300 in expenses for a loss of $71,350.

It will be interesting to see what the Commissioners come up with regarding this budget and the overall city tax. Plans to lower tax rates are obviously the goal, but sometimes not always the outcome. Tuesday, September 5th will not be a meeting to miss.

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