City of Killdeer holds Special Election

Ramped up and ready to vote, citizens of Killdeer lined up at the door of City Hall on Tuesday morning to let their voices be heard. The most recent special election to come through Killdeer, is in regards to the funding of the High Plains Cultural Center, and whether or not the citizens of the City of Killdeer would be willing to pay a .5% city-wide tax for the next seven years to help support this structure and the events held within.

Bryan Katz
Dunn County Herald
The High Plains Cultural Center is the largest community events center in Dunn County. With room for up to 500 people, this infamous structure has been the home to baby showers, weddings and corporate events. Complete with a full-service kitchen, bar and sound service, the High Plains Cultural Center has quickly become a landmark in both the City of Killdeer and Dunn County as a whole.
As the polls opened early on Tuesday morning, we spoke with several folks as they stepped up to cast their vote to hear what they had to say concerning the matter; some lifelong Killdeer citizens, and some who are still unpacking their moving truck.
Jean Morris, a Killdeer resident since 2014, stated that she felt this is “a great opportunity to help fund a community center and a Killdeer landmark.” While others, like Robin Howe, who has been in Killdeer since 2012 shone a different light on the subject, stating, “I love the idea of people coming together to support a cause, but not in a way that would take from others.” The last response we received was from an anonymous source who’s been a resident of Killdeer since his birth in 1988. He stated, “A cultural center isn’t necessarily what the city needs, but if it brings people together, then for the sake of the community, why not?”
It seems as if everybody’s got an opinion on this poll, and we will just have to see what the outcome is when the votes are tallied and the fate of the election is announced next month.

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