City strives to preserve iconic water tower

The iconic symbol of Killdeer’s water tower was again a topic of conversation at the Killdeer City meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.


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 Posted Oct. 19, 2012

The iconic symbol of Killdeer’s water tower was again a topic of conversation at the Killdeer City meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.

Verna Wolff (of Killdeer) met with the Killdeer commission to discuss a means of saving some part of the longtime landmark. Wolff has been a supporter of keeping the Killdeer water tower on Central Avenue for some time. Wolff said that Killdeer was founded in 1914, and that “the water tower has been here most of that time.”

Wolff told the commissioners that after visiting with Engineer Russ Sorensen, she realized that the citizens of Killdeer could not afford the cost to renovate and maintain the tower in its current state. She mentioned that a price tag of $200,000 to $450,000 would be attached to a total renovation of the structure.

Wolff suggested to the council that, instead of restoring and preserving the tower as is, the city should consider erecting a monument in its place to commemorate the landmark.

She suggested creating a memorial, possibly using parts of the original tower, to keep the memory of the site alive in the community.

The commission discussed the suggestion, and told Verna that they would be open to any suggestions in the future to come up with a memorial site for the tower.

After deliberation, the commission moved to look into creating a memorial at the tower site.

Also on the agenda was Tracey Dolezal, representing St. John’s Lutheran Church, discussing a request for the city to vacate part of East Mountain View Street so they could maintain a contiguous property just north of the church.

At the crux of the issue was that the current incarnation of that stretch of Mountain View Street acts as an access for John Keller’s property adjacent to the church property. St. John’s Lutheran Church is using the land adjacent to Keller’s access point to build a new parsonage.

The commission expressed concern over granting the request to vacate unless the church and Keller could come up with an agreement about the access. John Keller was in attendance and both parties agreed that an arrangement could be made to keep Keller’s access point while maintaining a new parsonage for the church.

The commission tabled the motion to vacate the street until an agreement between Keller and the church is made.

In old business, the city commissioners discussed the process of annexing areas south of Killdeer, on the east and west sides of Highway 22 near the intersection of 200.

The commission discussed that there maybe upcoming oil impact revenue that could help defray the cost of parties interested in annexing into the city. The commission also recognized that there is continued interest from some parties in the area about annexation.

After deliberation, the commission agreed to get an estimate of what the annexation cost share for each person in the area would be, and move forward when they had more information.

In new business, the commission approved a motion for new Christmas lights to decorate local streets. They also approved a motion to update and refine their Ordinance Book.


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