City votes on measure to protect children

KILLDEER — During the Killdeer City Council meeting Jan. 21, a motion was made by Anita Mjolhus to move forward with plans to procure a grant to institute a Safe Routes to School program in Killdeer.


Herald Editor

 Posted Feb. 1, 2013

The motion was approved unanimously.

“We need to do it now,” Killdeer City Auditor Dawn Marquardt urged council members during the meeting.

Safe Routes to School is a program that helps local communities identify and construct necessary paths or barriers to protect children from road traffic in high-traffic areas. Most of the potential danger exists at the intersection of High and Dakota streets, located near the school.

“It’s so dangerous for kids to cross,” Marquardt said.

Though local police sit at the intersection every day, a permanent solution to protect crossers is necessary.

The idea for Safe Routes came up with the Killdeer truck bypass meeting.

“Everybody with NDDOT and HDR understands that that’s an issue, but it wasn’t something that could be addressed within the truck bypass project,” she said.

The city must now apply to NDDOT for project funding.

“I do think we will get it,” she said.


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