Clearing up the misconceptions at the Killdeer Cowboy Sports Complex

There is some misinformation and misconceptions about the money needed for the Killdeer Cowboy Sports Complex and what the design will be.

The football field, track and lighting at the Killdeer Sports Complex are in dire need of upgrading. Two football games in two years have been moved from the fields because of the condition. No track meets have been held since 2006.
The football field, track and lighting at the Killdeer Sports Complex are in dire need of upgrading. Two football games in two years have been moved from the fields because of the condition. No track meets have been held since 2006.

Photos by Pat Ratliff/Dunn County Herald

Posted 11/08/13

The committee would like to clear these issues up as they continue raising money to begin construction. Their explanation of what and why they are building is as follows:

The facility that they are building will not be elaborate or extravagant. We have broken down the reconstruction into two phases.

The first phase is replacing the lighting, base construction of the track and football field, applying artificial turf to the football field and installing a synthetic running track surface with event areas.

• There are reasons why we chose artificial turf; for generations of football players, our football field has not had an ideal playing surface. Bad soils, improper drainage and poor water quality has rendered the field unable to sustain a grass stand.

• The field has to endure use from the four teams that practice and play on it.

• In the past years the teams have utilized a “practice” field to minimize use of the football field. That option is no longer available due to oils impact on our community.

• The “practice” field is now an office building, housing and truck parking. Artificial turf will eliminate the need for a practice field and also the estimated $25,000 the school spends annually trying to maintain the existing field.

• During the 2012 football season, in one game, there were three injuries resulting in fractures. We are losing the ability to host home play off games, one in 2012 and one in 2013.

• The lighting needs to be improved and upgraded. The existing wooden posts that have outlived their life span will be replaced with metal posts and a better, updated lighting system.

• Our track has deteriorated to the point that there are safety and liability concerns. The track team only uses certain areas of the track that are safe enough to practice on, preventing them from utilizing the full track.

• We have not had a track meet since 2006 due to the poor condition. We will be staying at a six lane track but it will be reconfigured to meter distances.


The costs for Phase 1 are as follows:

Football Field $944,000.00*

Track $187,000.00

Lighting (Est.) $150,000.00**


*Costs included in the football field are also the Interior Perimeter Curb and Base Construction costs.

**This is an estimate because the lighting will go through a bidding process.


Nothing at the current facility meets the American Disabilities Act (ADA) for handicap accessibility. After the reconstruction, the new facility would meet ADA requirements.


Phase II consists of bleachers, concession stand and restrooms.

• The current grandstand was built in 1980 from re-used cement blocks. The blocks are now crumbling and deteriorating. Many people have told us they would like to have seating similar to what is in place now.

• The concession stand doesn’t have running water and the workers can’t view the game. The plan is to have hot and cold running water with the stand placed so that the concession staff can watch the game while working.

• The restrooms have cold running water at best and the fixtures were reused from the grade school that was torn down. The plan would incorporate hot and cold running water for the rest rooms with new fixtures.

None of the costs are known for Phase II because these items will also be going through a bidding process. However, estimated cost for this phase could be around $300,000.


The total cost for the facility reconstruction will be $1.5 to $1,700,000. We have pursued and will continue to pursue many avenues for fund raising which includes grant writing.

We hope to be able to tell the contractor to start construction in May 2014 with a finishing date in time for the 2014 football season. With your help we can.

We encourage you to send in your donations before the end of January to either the school, or to the North Dakota Community Foundation, PO Box 387, Bismarck, ND 58502-0387.

The NDCF is a 501( c )(3) public non-profit tax-exempt organization. You can also donate online on their website at

The school has committed $500,000 to the facility and $40,000 has been contributed to date by individuals and businesses.

The committee appreciates your support and welcomes your input and questions. If you would like to serve on our committee please contact the school.







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