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At their first meeting of 2017, the nonprofit, grassroots writing group known as Dunn County Writers addressed the changing calendar.


For Dunn County Herald


During a Guided Writing Exercise, the scribes broke the idea of “North Dakota New Year” into three parts: past, present and future.
Shawn Thompson, Dunn Center
It was a long, cold, windy afternoon. Snow drifted side to side, dancing into the sunset, as I vigorously (yet efficiently) partook in snow removal. The sun’s rays ricocheted off snow banks, penetrating my soul. I was honored to be in a situation where I could help out the Church of Normanna.
A year has passed with what seemed to be a never-ending, treacherous journey that compelled me to challenge myself, but, for the better. I have felt strong capabilities being able to enroll in the Church Council and was blessed with the opportunity of experiencing the role of financial secretary. I also volunteered to assist in cleaning and, again, provided snow removal.
For the future, I wish to gain knowledge of wisdom and clarity of joy and happiness to further not only my life, but the others that surround me. I wish to bring joy and happiness wherever I go, achieving a period of grace and peace. I wish to always be of service to our Church; not only to serve the community, but to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his father God; to illuminate the world for a better, brighter future.
Some may see;
Some may believe;
All I know is God belongs with me.
~ Wise Words of Panda

Young Love
Shirley Oja,
Dunn Center

On a cold January day in 1968, Larry comes to take me on a date. We decide maybe we should take a drive in the country. It’s a blustery day and the temperature’s about -25 with a strong wind, making it about -60 degrees.
We head to the river road that winds around the lake and some lovely rolling hills. There is no sign of life anywhere. We are about six miles out of town when the car stalls. We are dressed warmly, but not enough for the walk back.
I try to remain calm, although I am scared to death. Going through my mind are things like: We might freeze to death out here. Who will find us and when? Maybe we won’t be found until Spring Thaw.
Luckily, Larry has a can of Heet to put into the carburetor and the car starts right up. Whew, what a relief.
Needless to say, we headed back to town then and never tried anything like that again.

Let There Be Light
Verna Wolf, Killdeer

1 limp, 2 limps, 3 limps, 4…
There’s a moon for light; who needs more?
Barefoot, not knowing where
I am, but whoa! Stopped by a chair!

A foot jammed under the chair’s main brace.
An instep bunched up—and only by grace
Did I not scream to raise every hair,
Or verbally mouth a noise and swear!

It took ages to wear a good lace-up shoe.
That came about after a month, or maybe a few.
No sandals anymore, but real shoes and socks.
I can now run, jump, and walk for blocks and blocks!

God made light for us all to be
Safe, not sorry, for us all to see!
Don’t be a fool such as was I.
Turn on the lights! And hold your head high!

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