Community heroes sponsor family festivities

Two local women, while visiting a stock show in Rapid City, happened upon a terrific country-western band known as the Itty Bitty Opry Band.


Nanette Edmondson and Rita Truchan were impressed with the band’s music and their ability to entertain a crowd. They had a chance to visit with band members and received a vibe that was very kind and down to earth. It reminded them of the locals here in Killdeer.
After this experience, they knew they wanted our community to come together and enjoy the quiet country style of this small town band. Through discussion with the Director of the High Plains Cultural Center, Ken Roshau, they decided to sponsor the band for an event on March 21st.
Nanette, who is a lifelong resident said, “In the old days everyone hung out and the community was very tight knit. I want to see the area return to this and the cultural center gives us this opportunity.”  She wants a family event that everyone feels comfortable attending.
Rita who has been here for the last half decade shares her friend’s feelings. She said, “The High Plains Cultural Center provides our community with a great place to meet, socialize and reconnect with one another in new and interesting ways. I just want everyone to see the center and realize how it can be utilized to its full potential in Killdeer.” They hope that through this many will be inspired to sponsor similar events that connect everyone together. Rita hopes that the community will pick up and “pay it forward” to help the new and old residents to coalesce together into a homogenous happy friendly community.
Cobblestone Hotel and Suites contributed in a big way. When Nanette and Rita approached the Cobblestone to see if they could accommodate the band, owner, Christina Reeves, understood what was being done for the community and jumped at the opportunity to help out Killdeer.
She offered to put the Band up for free. This type of community support is exactly what Nanette and Rita hope to encourage around town.
The event is sure to be a great time. There will be a bar serving a selection of beverages. Security will be onsite to keep everyone safe. “We encourage everyone to stop by and check out a small town good time,” said the pair of community heroes. There will be a small cover charge to help cover the cost. All proceeds will benefit the High Plains Cultural Center which is a non-profit facility administered by the Dunn County Fair Association.

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