Council encourages teen driver education during graduation season

One teen driver crash occurred every 3.1 hours on North Dakota’s roadways in 2015. A recent study found 97 percent of teens agree texting while driving is dangerous, yet 43 percent admit to doing it anyway.

While the majority of teens (57 percent) choose not to text and drive, the North Dakota Safety Council (NDSC) is stressing the importance of parental involvement in building teen driver experience.

With graduation season fast approaching, the NDSC joins the National Safety Council in urging parents to stay involved with their teen drivers and offers these tips to improve their safety:

Do not allow your young teen to have passengers in their vehicle.

Just one teen passenger raises a teen driver’s fatal crash risk 44 percent, two passengers doubles fatal crash risk and three or more quadruples crash risk.

Model good behaviors.

Ninety-five percent of parents who drive distracted do so in front of their teens.

Keep household rules in place even after school lets out.

Thirty-three percent of parents surveyed said they allow risky behaviors, like driving late at night.

Practice with teens, even after licensure, to ensure they are retaining good driving habits.

Set household cell phone rules.

More than 50 percent of teens feel pressure to respond to their families while driving.

For more resources, including a special training available for teen drivers, go to Parents can also visit for a variety of resources to help them become better driving coaches for their teens.

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