Couple arrested after driving car reported stolen

Two individuals who were pas­sengers in a reported stolen car were arrested for allegedly steal­ing a car.

Perry Toineeta, 26, address unavailable, and Elisha Grey, 29, address unavailable, were ar­rested in rural Dunn County af­ter allegedly taking a 1997 Ford Taurus from the parking lot of a Killdeer hotel on Sept. 14.

They are accused of vehicle theft and and possession of sto­len property, according to the Killdeer Police Department.

The individuals, who are en­rolled membes on the Fort Ber­thold Reservation, were taken into custody by officers from the Three Affiliated Tribes after be­ing stopped by a deputy from the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office.

Dunn County officials extra­dited Toineeta and Grey on Sept. 15 and were taken to Southwest County Correctional Center in Dickinson.

Thier preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 20.

Prior to their arrest, the cou­ple had been riding in a vehicle driven by 29-year-old Brandon Larson, address unavailable, on Sept. 13.

The vehicle was stopped on the side of the road on Spring Creek Road west of Killdeer.

When the deputy ran the reg­istraton on the vehicle, a 2015 Honda Accord, he discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Bismarck.

Toineeta and Grey got out of the vehicle while the deputy was at his patrol vehicle.

Larson then sped away and the deputy pursued, traveling west on Spring Creek Road. Larson crashed the vehicle and suffered serious injuries that necessitated the need to fly him to a Bismarck hospital.

He was released from the hos­pital on Wednesday, according to law enforcement.

According to Killdeer police, the couple re­turned to Killdeer before they could be interviewed regarding the car Larson had been driving. After they were located in town, they told officers they were unaware that the car had been reported stolen until Larson told them right be­fore he initiated the high-speed chase.

Later that night, police received calls regarding the couple walking around town asking for a ride to Parshall, N.D., according to the report.

Police received a call of a stolen vehicle at the Cob­blestone Inn about 12:30 a.m.

The victim reported that she parked her car in the parking area entered the building. When she went out to move her car, it was gone, the report said. She had a two-month-old pup­py, her purse contained credit cards, checks and some cash, the report said.

A hotel employee told authorities that the couple had been hanging around the lobby.

Authorities suspected the couple based on their comments about needing a ride to Parshall.

A sheriff’s deputy drove north on Highway 22 look­ing for the vehicle. He lo­cated the vehicle about 3 a.m. near mile marker 131. An officer from Three Af­filiated Tribes was arriving onthe scene.

During the stop, autho­rites saw the puppy in the vehicle, according to the report. The couple was taken into custody by the TAT officer.

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