Court Case Filings

New Criminal Case Filings: Davis, Charles E. (DUI/APC); Harmon, Greg J. (DUS); Schulz, Bridgette J. (DUS); Zimney, Joshua D. (Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia and DUI-Drugs).

NOTE: As used herein, the term “DUI” denotes an accusation of Driving Under the Influence either by being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, in excess of .08% within 2 hrs. of driving, refusing to submit to roadside testing and/or refusing to submit to chemical testing. “DUS” denotes Driving Under Suspension. All defendants are presumed innocent until either pleading, or being found, guilty in a court of law. 

Criminal Case Dispositions:  Fuchs, Donny (Theft of Property dismissed at victim’s request); Hernandez, Allison J. (DUS dismissed, by statute, upon Defendant’s proof of reinstatement); Johnson, Kinda A. (DUS & Possess. Drug Paraphernalia, Defendant admits probation violation and sentenced to 14 days in jail and $275 in fees/costs); Kluver, Dennis W. (Care Required, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to statutory fine); Neveaux, Scott A. (DUI, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $500 fine, $250 fees/costs, 1 year U/S probation, alcohol evaluation within 90 days); Roca, Scott G. (DUS dismissed, by statute, upon Defendant’s proof of reinstatement).

Other Activity in Criminal Cases:  Arrelano, Belinda M. (Bench warrant issued); Bethune, Britten D. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Brown, Justin M. (Bench warrant served); Caraveo, Giessi (Report filed); Crawford. Tyrel L. (Defendant waives preliminary hearing); Entze, Dawson V. (Bench warrant issued, vacated, case closed); Fitzgerald, Jarret P. (Bench warrant issued); Fugere, Jake L. (Preliminary hearing continued at Defendant’s request); Garretson, Colin W. (Bench warrant issued); Graebert. Kyle A. (Bench warrant issued); Hagen, Maggie J. (Evaluation filed); Hall, Kyler J. (Bench warrant issued & served); Jangula, Nathan J. (Restitution set at $36,000); Johnson, Curtis L. (Bench warrant recalled); Johnson, Kinda A. (Bench warrant served); Johnston, Kelly W. (Defendant waives preliminary hearing); Maier, Jesse D. (Bench warrant issued); Ramirez, Carlos (Bench warrant issued); Ray, Franko L. (Bench warrant served); Rosalo, Michael A. (Bench warrant issued); Ruffin, Shannon L. (Preliminary hearing reset at Defendant’s request); Russell, William D. (24/7 Program extended 6 mos.); Schart, David M. (Search warrant issued); Springer, Jeffrey M. (Restitution set at $585); Viers, Richard R. (Bench warrant issued & served); Zimney Joshua D. (Search warrant issued).

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