Criminal Case Filings

New Criminal Case Filings: Beeler, Montgomery E. (DUS); Bornstedt, Jason L. (Possession of drug paraphernalia); Book, Wesley A. (DUI and DUS); Butcher, Levi K. (Duty upon striking highway fixture); Davis, Trenton J. (Game and fish violation); Gatke, Arthur (Game and fish violation); Gober, Joseph K. (Possession of drug paraphernalia); Hoffer, Hallie M. (Game and fish violation); Hooper, Douglas C. (DUS); Jensen, Daniel K. (Game and fish violation); Marsh, Christopher M. (Game and fish violation); Marthini, Matthew C. (Hindering law enforcement); Muma, Fawnah F. (DUS); Reiss, Michael (Game and fish violation); Rohrer, Louis J. (Game and fish violation); Rovik, Jeremiah A. (Game and fish violation); Rudo, Musimbe (DUS); St. Croix, Tucker K. (Fictitious license plates, False report to law enforcement, & DUS); Viers, Richard R. (Hindering law enforcement); Volesky, Matthew P. (Game and fish violation); Vollmer, Rachel L. (False report to law enforcement & Hindering law enforcement).

NOTE: As used herein, the term “DUI” denotes an accusation of Driving Under the Influence either by being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, in excess of .08% within 2 hrs. of driving, refusing to submit to roadside testing and/or refusing to submit to chemical testing. “DUS” denotes Driving Under Suspension. All defendants are presumed innocent until either pleading, or being found, guilty in a court of law.

Criminal Case Dispositions: Clinton, Miranda M. (DUS, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $250 fine, $250 fees/ costs, 1 year U/S probation); Patterson, Christopher P. (DUS, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $250 fine, $250 fees/costs, 1 year U/S probation); Pettit, Bridgette L. (Possession of drug paraphernalia & DUS, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 90 days SES, $750 fines, $275 fees/costs, 2 years U/S probation); Turner, Lena M. (Possession of drug paraphernalia, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 180 days SES, $500 fine, $325 fees/costs, 2 years supervised probation, not possess firearms); Warrant, Thomas M. (Possession of a Methamphetamine with in intent to deliver, Defendant pleads guilty).

Other Activity in Criminal Cases: Abrahamson, Matthew J. (Bench warrant served); Bornstedt, Jason L. (Bench warrants served); Cadotte, Nicole J. (Bench warrant served); Clinton, Miranda M. (Bench warrant served); Doppler, Garrett W. (24/7 Violation); Howard, Ralph J. (Evaluation filed with the court); Moline, Isaac J. (Search warrants issued); Russell, William D. (Petition to revoke probation and bench warrant issued); Swartz, Nicholas R. (Evaluation filed with the court); Terrell, Sean W. (Ledger card hearing set); Turner, Colten E.J. (24/7 violation); Whiteman, Joshua J. (Bench warrant served); Young Bear, Franklin D. (Bench warrant served); Young Bird, Sandy M. (Bench warrant served).

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