Criminal Case Filings

New Criminal Case Filings: Bunette, Joseph G. (Stalking); Leclair, Tyler A. (DUI > .16); Urroz, Devon M. (DUS); Yazzie, Amos M. (DUS); Willhelm, Brenda L. (Aggravated reckless driving).

NOTE: As used herein, the term “DUI” denotes an accusation of Driving Under the Influence either by being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, in excess of .08% within 2 hrs. of driving, refusing to submit to roadside testing and/or refusing to submit to chemical testing. “DUS” denotes Driving Under Suspension. All defendants are presumed innocent until either pleading, or being found, guilty in a court of law.

Criminal Case Dispositions: Bornstedt, Jason L. (Possession of drug paraphernalia, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $500 fine, $250 fees/costs, U/S probation for 1 year, drug evaluation within 90 days); Garcia, Filiberto C. (Disorderly conduct dismissed because victim non-credible); Hyden, Andy M. (Violation of no contact order dismissed for lack of venue); Long, James W. (Failure to register as sex offender dismissed, no venue, Stark County has jurisdiction); Mandan, Anna S. (DUS and No insurance dismissed, by statute, upon Defendant’s proof of reinstatement and insurance); Mandan, Anna S. (Possession of Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia dismissed because Defendant in CA prison); Nelson, Richard B. (Reckless Driving, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $500 fine, $250 fees/costs, 2 years U/S probation, alcohol evaluation within 90 days, 24/7 program for 1 year); Stratton, Richard J. (Disorderly conduct dismissed because victim refuses to cooperate); Wendorf, Jordan D. (Reckless driving and Possessing marijuana, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 30 days SES, $1,000 fine, $275 fees/costs, 18 mos. U/S probation, drug evaluation within 90 days).

Other Activity in Criminal Cases: Barton, Ryan S. (Bench warrant served); Blankenship, Walter S. (Report filed with the court); Booke, Wesley A. (Evaluation filed with the court); Brunette, Joseph G. (Bench warrant issued); Crawford, Tyrel L. (PSI ordered); Eagle, Virgil S. (Report filed with the court); Fernandez, Alexander R. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Fleming, Eric C. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Goetz, Gregory L. (Ledger card hearing set); Grey, Elisha P. (Petition to revoke probation filed); Hironymous, John H. (Bench warrant issued); Holding Eagle, David N. (Bench warrant issued); Howard, Ralph J. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Hutchinson, Patrick L. (Report filed with the court); Larsen, Drew S. (Ledger card hearing set); Nketiah, Evans K. (Ledger card hearing set); Tsosie, Darrell (Report filed); Warren, Jessica B. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Whiteowl, Shantel M. (Bench warrant issued); Woznicki, Brittany A. (Ledger card hearing set); Zaliznock, Joseph A. (Petition to revoke probation filed and bench warrant issued).

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