New Criminal Case Filings:  Barton, Jacob B. (Physical Obstruction of Government Function and Hindering Law Enforcement); Berman, Nathan S. (Physical Obstruction of Government Function and Hindering Law Enforcement); Beston, Shannon D. (DUS); Haider, Robert C. (Leaving the scene of an accident); Hall, Kyler J. (Menacing); Hatzenbuhler, Jacob A. (DUS); Krebs, Kyle A. (Game and fish violation); Magana, Raymond J. (Extradited to CO); Rose, Mitchell L. (DUI); Turner, Colton E. (Simple assault domestic).

NOTE: As used herein, the term “DUI” denotes an accusation of Driving Under the Influence either by being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, in excess of .08% within 2 hrs. of driving, refusing to submit to roadside testing and/or refusing to submit to chemical testing. “DUS” denotes Driving Under Suspension. All defendants are presumed innocent until either pleading, or being found, guilty in a court of law. 

Criminal Case Dispositions:  Daugherty, Amanda L. (DUS dismissed, by statute, upon Defendant’s proof of reinstatement); Escalera, Rick R. (DUS, Defendant pleads guilty); Larson, Brandon M. (Criminal mischief and Theft of Property, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to

3 years ND DoC, $775 in fees/costs, and Restitution); Ramirez, Anthony R. (Aggravated assault, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 2 years in NDDoC, $500 fine, $525 fees/costs, 2 years supervised probation, evaluation within 90 days, restitution and no contact with victim); Truchan, John C. (DUI dismissed at officer’s request); Winger, Clinton R. (DUI, repeat offender, Defendant pleads guilty and sentenced to 18 mos. supervised probation, 180 days, 120 days SES, $2,000 fine, $325 fees/costs, 24/7 program for 1 year, alcohol evaluation within 90 days).

Other Activity in Criminal Cases: Archambeau, Brittney R. (Ledger card hearing set); Bethune, Britten D. (24/7 violation, Bench warrant issued and served); Bettridge, Matthew D. (Defendant’s probation extended); Clark, Robert E. (Case continued at Defendant’s request); Ehlert, Fred F., Jr. (Probation violation filed, bench warrants issued); Escalera, Rick R. (Bench warrant issued/withdrawn); Fitzgerald, Jared P. (Case continued); Flowers, Amber R. (Case continued); Hirshkorn, Brady L. (Ledger card hearing set); Keller, Dave D. (Ledger card hearing set); Nelson, Caleb H. (Ledger card hearing set); Norris, Daniel J. (Summons served); Poitra, Lawrence M. (Petition to revoke probation, case reset at Defendant’s request, bench warrant issued); Rang, Frank N. (Ledger card hearing set); Russell, William D. (Bench warrant issued); Thomas, Warren M. (Bench warrant issued); Weflen, Kacy L. (Bench warrant withdrawn); Witherow, Tommy (Ledger card hearing set); Young Bear, Clayton (Ledger card hearing set).

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