Cross Country

Last Saturday, Killdeer cross country stepped up to the line at the Kiwanis Invitational in Mandan.

By Bryan Katz

Head Coach Nathan Horgeshimer says, “ this was another nice outing against some stiff competition. All the Class A WDA schools were running as well as most of the Class B West schools.”

Out of 97 young ladies, running for the girls varsity team was Danielle Benz who came in 55th at 23:54.58, Shawnee Hansen who came in 69th at 24:49.18, Jaylynn Hicks who came in 77th at 25:27.57, Hannah Benz who came in 80th at 25:53. 51 and Corrie Dobitz who came in 88th at 27:17.05. Overall, Girls Varsity placed 14th out of 18 teams, with an average time of 25:28.38.

Out of 135 boys racing, the only athlete running for Killdeer boys varsity was Stephen Westarp who came in 54th at 19:02.42. Stephen singlehandedly held off more than half of the entire group of racers, keeping Killdeer from receiving dead last. At the end, Killdeer came in 19th place out of 23 teams. Way to go, Stephen!

68 girls lined up for the junior varsity race, but Killdeer did not race.

There were 94 boys running the boys junior varsity race but only Nathan Sadowsky from Killdeer. Coming in 50th at 22:06.46, Nathan secured 16th place overall out of 18 total teams.

Out of 87 total girls running the 7th and 8th grade race; Killdeer had 3. Danielle Dobitz came in 37th at 14:15.06, Gracie Doe finished 63rd in 16:06.84 and Cami Kuntz placed 87th in 21:10.44. Overall, Killdeer came in 13th out of 17 teams.

Out of 114 boys running the 7th and 8th grade boys race, Killdeer had 3 as well. Owen Dutenhefner came in 16th at 11:29.73, Clayton Gregory came in 90th at 14:34.82 and Chaydon Benz came in 114th at 17:47.91.

Coach Horgeshimer, in regards to the girls’ teams, says, “Girls had another solid outing. Dani Benz had a really nice second half of the race to finish strong. Girls still have some work to do but are making some progress. We are right in the hunt with a number of other teams in our region. We looked a little better than in Bowman.”

And had this to say about the boys’ teams, “Boys had some good things as well. Stephen was the lone varsity boy and dropped a lot of time and finished 14th amongst the Class B runner sin the race. The junior high kids all dropped a ton of time since last week. Owen was in the top 20 and was the fastest Class B runner in the race.”

Congratulations, Killdeer Cowboys!

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