Dangerous air temps spreading to Dunn County

Dangerously cold arctic air will spread across all of North Dakota on Saturday and continue into Tuesday.

Posted 1/02/14

Here are the key points:

• Life threatening wind chills to 60 below zero.

• Air temperatures to 30 below zero.

• Wind speeds to 25 mph.


• Frostbite can occur in 5 minutes or less under these conditions.

• Hypothermia or death can occur if precautions are not taken.


Denise Brew, Dunn County Emergency Manager/911 Coordinator wants to remind everyone that will be traveling during this dangerous weather to remember to be safe.

“If they must travel let someone know when they are leaving, “ Brew said. “Carry a winter survival kit, but most importantly, if possible remain at home.

“The first responders that must go out in these conditions are at risk also, so please think of the risks before heading out in these conditions.”

Keep up to date at: www.weather.gov/bis and www.weather.gov/fgf




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