DC Herald welcomes Hunt as office manager

Please help us welcome the DC Herald new office manager: Teagan Hunt.


It was difficult to say goodbye earlier this year to The Dunn County Herald’s previous office manager, Angela Hunt. She served the publication and their customers well before she left for a job at the Stark County Veteran Service Office.

The papers’ latest addition, however, quickly is picking up where Hunt left off and already has demonstrated her tremendous customer service skills.

Hunt, 22, lives in Killdeer with her four-year-old son, Kaden. She moved to North Dakota with her family about a year and a half ago, but to Killdeer only six months ago.

When she came to Killdeer she began working at the local grocery store and convenience store, but found the available office job at the DC Herald better suiting.

“When I worked at Grab n’ Go I felt like I got a real sense of what Killdeer is made up of, I also got a real look at what the community is like and what a lot of the local businesses are,” Hunt said.

When Hunt took the job at the DC Herald, she said she already felt like part of the community.

“I really enjoy Killdeer and what this town has to offer,” she said.

When not stationed behind the counters at the DC Herald, Hunt said she enjoys reading, shopping (of course) and being active in the community.

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