DCH Viking’s Columnist Shares Passion for New Medium; Sports Column goes National

Jordan Wright, a freelance writer for the Dunn County Herald and Country Media’s North Dakota Group publications, has found ample success since being hired early this year.


By Bryce Martin

N.D. Group Editor

Through penning his weekly sports column, “The Vikings Vine,” Wright has enticed local fans (and sometimes opponents) of the Minnesota Vikings by providing detailed, accurate interpretations of games and using a colorful voice to share his thoughts on the team.

His column debuted in the Dunn County Herald, Bowman County Pioneer, Adams County Record and the Herald in New England earlier this year.

“From the reaction and feedback we received, it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed reading my article,” Wright said.

That success led Wright’s work to be picked up by several other regional newspapers and, just last week, by an international fan website for the Vikings.

Despite Wright having no formal training in writing, his avid love of football poured seamlessly through his pen. He had found passion for a creative outlet that allowed him to further explore his fondness for and understanding of the game.

When he first began writing, he was managing a bank in Colorado, which left his newly discovered talent only to be developed in his spare time.

As his penchant for writing grew, Wright decided to leave the bank and devote his time expanding the circulation of his prose. He contacted several newspapers in the Dakotas and Minnesota and was surprised when, within a few months, about 50 newspapers contacted him and began printing his weekly articles.

Soon he began to write more than just sports and eagerly stepped foot into the world of journalism. In addition to covering sports, he has covered local news for the Dunn County Herald.

Wright then relocated to South Dakota so he could attend games and “really put everything I had into getting my column into newspapers in the area,” he said.

His enjoyment for writing about the Vikings grew even more, and he began contacting national sports blogs and website. The first he contacted was The Vikings Age, a division of Fansided, which is a large, popular outlet for sports blogs.

“I had always really enjoyed their articles and I could see my style of writing fitting in well,” he said.

After a painstaking yet brief wait, Wright was contacted by the blog and asked to write regularly.

“I was thrilled,” he exclaimed.

His love for the Vikings, which was already being shared throughout the tri-state area, would now be displayed on a global stage, accessible to millions of people through the blog.

“As far as I am concerned, this is only the beginning for me,” he said.

The risk of leaving his day job and moving across country paid off and a new dream was formed.

“Every day I wake up excited to work and to me that makes all this worth it,” he said.

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