Debate cancelled due to LaRocque declining invitation

Kenny LaRocque, a candidate for Dunn County Sheriff, has declined to participate in the Aug. 26 debate sponsored by the Dunn County Herald due to a previous engagement.

By Stacy Swenson

ND Group Publisher

In a letter he sent to the Herald, LaRocque wrote, “Due to a scheduling conflict, I respectfully decline participating in the upcoming debate.”

Because the Herald is the debate sponsor, we have decided to cancel the Aug. 26 event and move forward with plans for a debate or debates in the future.

The League of Women Voters calls a debate with only one participant an “Empty Chair” Debate, according to their website, and said if only one candidate accepts the invitation, the debate should be canceled.

Dunn County Sheriff Clay Coker accepted the debate invitation on Aug. 13 and agreed by phone to attend the event and answer questions we prepared, and any audience questions, without an opponent.

“I am committed to being available to answer questions from Dunn County residents,” Coker said.

Calls to LaRocque placed by this office have gone unanswered.

As sponsor, the Herald will move forward with the debate process and keep the community updated on future events.

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