Deputy resigns ahead of contentious election

It’s an election that has started waves throughout the community and the local sheriff’s department.


The race for Dunn County Sheriff is undoubtedly a heated one, but the latest news out of the sheriff’s department wasn’t about the election, it was Deputy Joe Boehm offering his resignation. In an email confirmed by the Dunn County Herald, Boehm included the letter he planned to send to the department and county commissioners, along with a comment.

“So, these guys wrote me up and threatening if I do anything else that can violated (sic) their policy that I can be terminated and or disciplined. They found six calls I went to where I did not do a report. So I am going to quit and not afford them the opportunity to try find (sic) something else and fire me in an attempt to ruin my creditability,” Boehm wrote.

In his letter of resignation, Boehm wrote that he had “some good experiences working for the office, up until the election drama started.”

“The office has become a hostile work environment for myself; the rumors and conspiracy theories are mainly what drove me from this office,” he wrote. Boehm and Dunn County Sheriff Clay Coker could not be reached for comment.

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