Digging into the Record Books

Elissa Steffan has made 1,000 digs.

Recently, Elissa Steffan achieved an amazing 1,000 digs during her Varsity Volleyball home game at Killdeer High School. After catching up with her, she explained, “A dig is a pass made after the opponent attempts a kill.” When the ball is returned from the opposing team, the dig is the save that prevents them from scoring a point.

By: Nicole Nowitzki

When asked about how she felt when she found out she had accomplished this, she humbly explained, “There was more cheering than normal after I made that dig, but I never thought about why they were cheering so loudly. I went back to serve, and they started announcing something, but I couldn’t hear it because of all the cheering. I looked around and saw the crowd had signs that said 1,000 career digs. I was so excited. I didn’t know I was close to that achievement and I’ve been really working at accomplishing it so I was overwhelmed with excitement. Everyone kept it a secret with me. They did a good job with that.” After the game, she took photos with friends, and her mother hung up one of the signs in the hallway at the school for teammates and fans to sign for her.

You can tell that she is a team player, and she is so grateful for this group of girls that she plays alongside. She said, “Our team is super close. We get extremely excited for each other in everything we do. We work hard and always push ourselves and each other to reach the goals we have set. We never give up on any ball or any point, no matter what. Our success is really showing this year. We have come so far and we are still going strong!”

While inquiring about her interest in volleyball, she reminisced, “Volleyball has always been such a big part of my life. All of my love for the game started with watching my sister, Allison, play in high school and college, and I’ve always wanted to be as good as her. A few years later she came to coach us. She has definitely pushed me to be the athlete I am.”

The opportunity to speak with Coach Allison Steffan seemed extremely fitting because she played a key role in her sister’s drive. Coach Steffan stated, “Elissa is such a hard worker in games and practices, so it is a much deserved award that shows just how hard she does work. Going into the Beulah game, I knew she would get her 1000th dig, so I had several people watching her closely to tell me when exactly she got it. When she did get it, I was so extremely proud of her, and seeing her teammates and the fans support her like they did was so amazing. Getting 1,000 of anything in high school sports is a huge achievement, and she did it as a junior. I cannot wait to see what her future has in store for her!”

This is an amazing moment, and Killdeer is going to be lucky to watch Elissa play alongside her teammates and see where life takes her from here.

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