Dodge holds an old-fashioned Christmas

If you’re looking to have some good old-fashioned Christmas fun, look no further. The city of Dodge is gearing up for just that.

Posted 12/06/13

By Pat Ratliff

It’s a long-standing tradition there.

“We all seem to get involved in it,” Marilyn Duttenhefer, chairperson of the event said. “It’s a celebration that almost everyone in Dodge participates in, in some way.”

The fun starts at 4 p.m. and lasts until 7 p.m., on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Dodge Auditorium.

For the kids, the back room will have games and prizes.

For supper, there will be chiliburgers. “Most people will bring a salad,” Duttenhefer said.

And the Dodge Sunshine Club will be making free homemade ice cream.

Be sure to dress warmly, because there will also be “sleigh rides.”

“We’ll have horse drawn wagons following a route around town,” Duttenhefer said. “Sometimes we sing Christmas carols during the ride, sometimes not.

“It just depends on who is in the mood for singing.”

Around 6:30 p.m., Santa Clause is scheduled to make a special appearance.

“The Community Club makes brown paper bags filled with homemade candy, fruit and nuts,” Duttenhefer said. “Everyone gets a bag.”

So come to Dodge for some great Christmas fun, everyone is invited.

And please bring a sample of your Christmas cookies or candy to share.



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