Dribble from the Pen: Hearing the Metal Rust

Judges 6:10

“And I said to you, ‘I am the LORD your God; you shall not pay reverence to the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell.’ But you have not given heed to my voice.”

By Reverend Ray

“Modern mankind can go everywhere, do everything and be completely curious about the universe. But only a rare person now and then is curious enough to want to know God.” (Tozer, A.W; “Tozer on the Almighty God, Jan. 22)

Over the course of the past two years of writing this weekly collection of thoughts a recurring theme has been the condition of the heart of the Church and Believers. The vacillating jaunting of the human heart in religion has been a repeated extravaganza across Church history. History has recorded for us the waning and soaring of the Christian church’s affair with devotion and genuineness. But lest we should consider this unique to Christianity we need only turn our gaze back onto the Children of Israel to find a valid parallel. Judges stands as the epitome of apostasy, judgment, repentance and restoration. What lies at the heart of this cycle is the nature of apostasy. It never flies at us like some overwhelming force that aggressively wrenches us from our foothold on faithful devotion. But like rust eating away at metal beams of a building, it goes completely unnoticed until everything comes crashing down. Or as the old dig on Chevy trucks used to be that on a quiet night you could hear a Chevy rusting, we take little notice to the deterioration that slowly weakens the heart’s desire for God or delight in Him. Oxidation (rusting) is a natural process that takes place when hydrated ferric oxide attacks metals.

The question that arises from this metaphorical example is, if there is an outside catalyst that is introduced to begin the process; what is it that is introduced into the church that unknowingly begins the process causing it to terminate in apostasy? In the passage cited there are three propositions that establish the process. The first step is that the church stops believing in the God of the Bible. This is not to say that there is any obvious outward acknowledgement of denial to this fundamental, but that they simply begin to redefine what they mean by God and minimize the sovereignty of God. By this, man takes on a large responsibility for his origin, meaning and destiny and God becomes a mere component in the greater universe of which man can conquer given half a chance. God said to them; “I am the Lord your God;” which leaves no room for cooperative dependent effort. When God is thus minimized in the minds the next step is made obvious in G. K. Chesterton’s observation; “The problem when man stops believing in God, isn’t that he will believe in nothing but that he will believe in anything.” Thus; “You shall not pay reverence to the gods of the Amorites…” So it has been said; “Give a man 5 minutes to speak on his passion and he will reveal his god to you.” The interest of the church today bears little of the marks of curiosity to know more of God in our age, let alone the vast majority that speak as if they are members of the Kingdom.

The final stage in the process is a deaf ear to the Word of God. “But you have not given heed to My voice.” There is more than mere auditory intake involved here, it has the overriding attention to quenching an incredible thirst for knowing God that finds satisfaction in the delights of discovery that are fresh and refreshing continually.

How is it that those who claim membership to God’s kingdom can hear the rusting away of metal but fail to hear the voice of God. This indifference and apathy can only be defined as apostasy.

Dribble from the pen

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