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By Reverend ray

The Master Magician

Rom. 1:25

“For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”Posted 11/01/13

“THE fashionable fallacy is that by education we can give people something that we have not got. To hear people talk one would think it was some sort of magic chemistry, by which, out of a laborious hotchpotch of hygienic meals, baths, breathing exercises, fresh air and freehand drawing, we can produce something splendid by accident; we can create what we cannot conceive.1”

In the quote above the English author, G. K. Chesterton, in his book by the same name, was responding to the question; “What is wrong with the World?”

The book, which takes a broad look at sociological and political issues that prevailed in his time, takes a much more complicated approach to the problems of the world than that of the Apostle Paul. But Paul’s simplicity does not negate the profundity of his conclusion.

Yet Chesterton would also be the first to agree with Paul that the real issue is with the foundation or starting point and not the symptoms that have upended the applecart.

The root of the problem is not educational, sociological or political institutions that have shaped our world or created the problems we are faced with in any generation.

The problem is that we are all master magicians and by slight of hand have wonderfully fooled ourselves into believing what is not true to be the truth.

Indeed, man has so mastered the craft of convincing himself that his god is a better one than the authentic God that he has succumbed to his own bait and switch tactics.

Now we all know that a master magician must be extremely quick at hand in order to be proficient in the art of slight of hand. So, too, has the mind of man dexterously shuffled the cards of truth and falsehood that the eye of the natural man’s mind fails to recognize that he is bamboozling himself.

In his effort to make the perfect god for himself, man is executing an exchange of that which he already has (a true objective knowledge of God) for something or someone that doesn’t measure up to the truth simply because it has to be fabricated (as do all lies).

Furthermore, man complicates the issue of resolving the problem because he honestly has no interest or value in the truth. Here is the pinnacle of his delusion; he prefers to believe his own lies.

Like the old worn out magician that has plied his trade for so long that he has begun to believe that he can really turn a rabbit into a flower bouquet.

The issue with the world we live in is simply as Paul has summed it up to be. Man has rather contented himself with the proposition that he can be as God.

This was the great card trick of Satan in the garden that was taught to Adam. And ever since, Adam’s descendents have been practicing the same old card trick upon themselves.

If there is one difference from that of Adam and us it is that we have so mastered the trick of exchanging God for the lie that we are gods, that we no longer can catch ourselves in the slight of hand.

We have become incognizant altogether of the reality of God even when it stares us in the mirror. As Chesterton has pointed out the fallacy is that we think we can create what we cannot conceive.

Chesterton would elsewhere respond to this same question when it was prompted in a London periodical. The article invited the public to interject their opinions as to why the world seemed to be an utter mess.

Countless professional and intellectual individuals offered their advice with various conclusions and solutions being propounded.

Chesterton gave space to all these before responding; “Dear Mister Editor,

You posed the question; “What is wrong with the world?”….. I AM.

Yours truly,

G. K. Chesterton


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