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Isa. 50: 10

“Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the voice of his servant? Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.”Posted 11/15/13

By Reverend ray

“Anybody can grow fine flowers in the daytime,” writes Boreham. “But what can you grow in the dark? That is the challenge of the mushrooms—what can you grow in the dark? (Boreham, Frank, W.; “Mushrooms on the Moors”)

Mushrooms are very interesting things, and to say the least, very tasty. But they are interesting because there is never any prior warning that you have mushrooms.

They arrive in your yard almost mysteriously as if they were planted through the night while you sleep by some stranger bent on surprising you with some strange form of land pearl.

They spring up under ideal temperatures and climatic conditions and always during the night. In fact the whole span of their life withers with the rising sun. But there is nothing like the taste of a wild mushroom gathered in those early morning hours and cast into a skillet of hot butter.

In fact, this is the food of the gods and hobbits. And they do all their growing in the dark. So how fittingly they should serve as a wonderful example of something else in life that finds its fittest time for growing in the darkness.

Like mushrooms, faith delights in growing in the darkness. Here obviously darkness is seen in a more abstract form referring to those seemingly dark times of life when circumstances and trials seem to obscure all light or when God seems not to be hearing our prayers and there is no sense of His presence with us.

These are the dark forests of the Christian Journey. But just as it is in those dark, dank forests that mushrooms seem to grow their best and not every forest has mushrooms; so faith springs up and grows in those forests of life that are most fitted for its growth.

Mushrooms are not really as alien and strange as they present themselves to be on the carpet of a forest from out of nowhere. They actually have lain dormant for many years in spore form awaiting the ideal conditions to release their seed and germinate.

Even so, faith may lay a time seemingly untested or in a manner of speaking; dormant also until darkness pushes its cover up over the life and provides the perfect environment for faith to grow and to flourish.

And as sure as the Shaggy mane will be found dotting the forest floor after the first cool rain of early September, so in those who have the germ of faith, the darkness of life will put on display her matured product when the sun rises in the morning.

I have seen mornings where little white buttons seemed to have been spilled upon the carpet of the woods and when the morning sun sliced its way through the leaves and settled upon those dampened caps they looked like hundreds of pearls.

Isaiah says; “Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.” Like most normal people we find it rather uncomfortable at the very least and extremely disparaging many times when God sees best that we should walk through the darkness of life, yet He knows well that just as mushrooms will not grow under the bright burning light of the sun, so our faith will only release its seed and begin to really grow under the shadow of the dark forests of life.

So I do not seek to escape or avoid those times as I once did because just as I have risen with anxiousness to see if the Shaggy Mane has sprung up, so I know just as assuredly, my faith must grow best in these forests that I encounter along the journey.

Because I like mushrooms I patiently wait for the morning after the night and my faith has sprung up where it had not seemed to be before.

Then too, my hope is that My God will find that faith as delightful as I have found mushrooms to be on a misty morning. For without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrew 11:6)

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