Dunn Center and Killdeer welcome the Easter Bunny

Easter eggs were all over Dunn County last Saturday because for the first time there were two Easter Egg Hunts one in Killdeer and another in Dunn Center.


By Pam Kukla 

For the DC Herald 

The Killdeer Easter Egg Hunt has been going on for quite a few years, but this year was the first for Dunn Center.

Lion’s Club member Leo Bell said there were 69 children aged 10 years and younger that part i c ipated in the event this year. Hill Top Home of Comfort residents helped fill the 780 eggs volunteers hid around Lion’s Park and Hill Top. Children are divided into three age groups and eggs are hidden in the Lion’s Park and by Hill Top. “The little ones are by the nursing home so the residents can watch,” said Bell.

Bell said the best part of the event was the weather. “For once we didn’t have to anchor down the door prize slips from blowing away. The weather was perfect,” he said. There were six door prizes of $25, two in each age group. Bell said the event is pretty easy to run and he already has the eggs for next year.

This was the first year for Dunn Center’s Easter Egg Hunt. Dunn Center residents Heidi Garness, Shasta Patterson, Sadie Lambert and Morgan Reiss organized the hunt. Garness said they thought the event would be a good idea since Dunn Center has quite a few children now. “Dunn Center has grown kid wise,” she added. They received donations from the City of Dunn Center and Circle H Engineering.

The volunteers filled 450 eggs for the 55 children who participated. Just like Killdeer’s hunt, the children were ages 10 and younger and grouped into three age groups. They also had six large door prizes of bikes and scooters as well as smaller door prizes like bubbles and coloring books, etc. There was also a lunch of hot dogs and chips served by the Dunn Center Firemen.

The organizers said the best part of the event was all of the children coming. “We are doing it next year and hope it will get bigger each time,” said Garness.



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