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As I sit here and wonder what to write about I am realizing that our year is almost half over.

By Maggie Piatz

The Centennial’s are ready to begin, as well as, other events planned throughout the county. We will have a fun summer just staying home and visiting our neighboring communities. My health permitting I will try to be at each Centennial and help the celebration.

Elections will have come and gone by the next time I write the next column. I have always advocated that each person vote his/her personal choice for candidate. Gone are the days of the “good ole boys. As we also know, good ole boys appear on both sides of the fence. Carrying a load of credentials doesn’t make them an expert. You need to get to know the person! Credentials mean a lot, but we also need common sense and stability in those we elect. I praise all of our small communities for the diligence they show with residents continually stepping up to the plate to run for offices, often unopposed.

More often than not the pay doesn’t even begin to compensate for the job well done. So next week after the elections, please take the time to seek out your newly elected or seated officials and tell them they are doing a good job.

As with any election, comes gossip and garbage. In today’s world, there are no secrets, but we should also hold the door open for both sides of the story. I was extremely disappointed to read this week that I am a not a good person. I took offense to be told that everyone who goes into a bar is a minion. (Servile follower, subordinate of another, minor individual) I do the gaming machines for others enjoyment, my husband and I call Bingo on Monday evenings, I belong to a dart team, and at times I share a meal; all these things involve a bar. I do not “drink.” I will have a shot occasionally, but my drink of choice is Diet Coke. I love people and love to go and visit.

I have a problem with that statement which implied everyone who goes to a bar is a minion. Those of you, who know me well, know that I am not a follower of anyone, or consider myself a lesser person. I am capable of making my own decisions and looking up whatever answers I need in order to make a good judgment. I know there are many local residents who are just like me.

I appreciate all the prayers, hugs, well wishes, gifts of money, etc. from everyone. We are halfway through our battle, but with all the support we are receiving it is so easy for a positive attitude. Leo and I both love Dunn County and all the little communities within its borders. Thank you!

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