Dunn County 2014 crime statistics

The following breakdown is a bit more accurate:

The following breakdown is a bit more accurate:

Total number of criminal cases filed in 2014 (excludes traffic, mental health & juvenile cases) which accurately depicts the total number of defendants= 531.

In the final 6 months of 2014, 265.5 defendants committed 349 crimes, or, 1.3 crimes per offender.

Criminal filings increased another 12% since last year (531 in 2014 vs 476 in 2013).

Criminal filings had already increased 38% in two short years in Dunn County (476 in 2013 up from 345 in 2011).

Calculating this caseload (and not even including mental health, juvenile and traffic tickets which are increasing exponentially too), we now have, next to McKenzie County, one of the highest caseloads-per-prosecutor in the state.

In 2014, DUI offenders accounted for 33% of our total docket.

DUS offenders accounted for 28% of our total docket.

74% of all DUI’s were committed by non-residents.

24% of all DUI’s were repeat offenders from out-of-state.

86% of DUI’s with BAC’s over .16% were out-of-state offenders.

77% of DUS offenders were from out-of-state.

69% of reckless drivers were from out-of-state.

61% of our total crime was caused by offenders who do not hail North Dakota as their home.

Property crimes were all committed by local offenders.

Local offenders were just as likely as their out-of-state counterparts to commit an assault or engage in disorderly conduct.

Local offenders were almost twice as likely to resist arrest.

Only 8% of the criminal docket involved illegal narcotics.

Virtually non-existent unemployment resulted in only 5 theft crimes.

Although traffic tickets continued to increase this year, only 4 actual traffic trials took place in Dunn County during the last 6 months of 2014.

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