Dunn County 4-H Achievement Days Static Exhibit Results

The 2016 Dunn County 4-H Achievement Days were held August 8-10 in Killdeer, ND.   

The static exhibits, assembled by 4-H’ers, were on display at the High Plains Cultural Center until August 10 and the top award winning project remain on display at the American Bank Center in Killdeer, ND.  Each 4-H youth conducted an interview with an adult judge, explaining their work in that particular project area and how that exhibit was constructed.  The following volunteers served as judges for this event: Dan Aichele with 1st International Bank in Killdeer, ND; Valerie Oakleaf, Killdeer, ND; Denise Giffin Killdeer, ND; Suzi Schwartzenberger Killdeer, ND; James Mousseau Killdeer, ND; Amy Lick, Bowman, ND; McKinzee Stein Taylor, ND; Erin Gaugler Bowman, ND;  Killdeer, ND; Carie Boster Halliday, ND; Matt Hegstad Killdeer, ND; Sherlene Hauck Dunn Center, ND; Loretta Marshik, Dickinson, ND; and Sabrina Dolezal, Killdeer, ND.

Ribbon assignments in various project areas were awarded to exhibits as follows:

Healthy Lifestyle Education – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Kazanne Gjermundson – Lotion Bar – Plaque sponsor: Dunn County 4-H Council in memory of JohnnieRae Geving

Second Place Rosette: Colten Krank – Relish

Superiors: Mariska Krank Canned Vegetables and Jayne Krank – Canned Beans

Blue Ribbon:  Colten Krank – Bread and Butter Pickles; Jayne Krank – Carrots

Healthy Lifestyle Education – Teen

Plaque Winner: Iris Dukart – Canned Peaches – Plaque sponsor: High Plains Dental

Baking – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Kacee Wasem –Brownies or other bars – Plaque sponsor: Hinrich’s Super Value

Second Place Rosette: Tate Norby – Brownies or other bars

Third Place Rosette: Jayne Krank – Brownies or other bars

Superior Ribbons: Mariska Krank – Cookies and Ian Dukart – Cinnamon Bread

Blue Ribbon: Jayne Krank – Bread; Colten Krank – Bars; Faith Norby – Caramel Rolls; Jayne Krank – Bars, caramel oatmeal; Mariska Krank – Sponge Cake; Abigail Harderson – Cookies; Colten Krank – Cookie; Faith Norby – Muffins; and Bradyen Klym – Sauerkraut Cake

Red Ribbon: Shelby Lindemann – Cookies and Abigail Hardersen – pound cake

Baking – Teen

Plaque Winner: Iris Dukart – Cheesecake Bars Plaque sponsor:  Peggy Hendricks

Second Place Rosette: Cole Carazzo — Cake

Third Place Rosette:  Kendryn Bullinger– Brownies

Superior Rosettes: Megan Dahlen – Brownies

Red Ribbon: Bailey Smith – Cobbler

Family and Consumer Science – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Faith Norby – Ring Bearer Pillow – Plaque sponsor:  Farmers Union Insurance- BreeAnn Hauck

Second Place Rosette:  Mariska Krank – Alphabet Box, Display for preschool

Third Place Rosette:  Jayne Krank – Texture Blocks Display for infant/toddler

Superior Rosette: Haeden Bullinger – Wooden Hat hanger for bedroom; and Kacee Wasem – Doll Clothes

Blue Ribbons: Jayne Krank – Item Display for home; Haeden Bullinger – Towel Travel Holder for toiletries; Shelby Lindemann – Fleece Blanket; Jayne Krank – Kitchen Play Set; and Jacee Heiser – Barb Wire display for home

Red Ribbon: Kacee Wasem – Blanket

Family and Consumer Science – Teen

Plaque Winner: Kaylee Heiser – Old Wooden Cross with Barbed wire Plaque sponsor:  Basin Electric

Second Place Rosette: Kendryn Bullinger – Tshirt Rug

Blue: Kendryn Bullinger – Towel Travel Holder for Toiletries

Fiber Arts – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Kacee Wasem – Purse – Plaque sponsor: Betty Lou Johnson Memorial

Superior Rosettes: Shelby Lindemann – Heart Pillow and Wyatt Bohner – String Art

Fiber Arts – Teen

Plaque Winner: Iris Dukart – Pillow Case – Plaque sponsor: Embroidery Arts

Second Place Rosette: Shayly Brew – Quilt

Creative Arts – Preteen:

Plaque Winner: Kazanne Gjermundson – Tire Frog – Plaque sponsor:  Jarret and Janet Wanek

Second Place Rosette: Haeden Bullinger – Metal Bar Clamps

Third Place Rosette: Ian Dukart – Roping Dummy

Superior Rosettes: Shelby Lindemann – Wood Art item and Tate Norby – String Art

Blue Ribbons: Haeden Bullinger – Farm Display, Rope End Table, PBR Bucking Shoot, Metal Cross (4); Kazanne Gjermundson – Beaded headband and Strawberry Pallet Planter(2); Jessica Goetz – String Art; Shelby Lindemann – Greeting Cards, Jewelry, Jewelry, Scrapbook (4); Makayla Brew – Silk Flowers; Colten Krank – One point drawing and Dog Bed (2); Alayna Dressler – Painting; Mariska Krank – Painting; Brayden Klym – Rope Lamp and Barnwood Cross (2);  Jayne Krank – Digital Scrapbook; Wyatt Bohner – Clothespin Wreath; and Jaycee Heiser – Metal Art.

Creative Arts – Teen

Plaque winner: Kendryn Bullinger – Barbwire Cowboy Boot  Plaque sponsor:  Chris and Jess Klym

Second Place Rosette: Molly Nies – Painting

Third Place Rosette: Skyler Heiser – Welded Horseshoes/Cross

Superior Ribbons: Kendryn Bullinger ¬– Stick Cowboy Boot and Iris Dukart – Roses/Bead Bracelet

Blue Ribbon: Kendryn Bullinger – Fabric Cross on Wood and Picture Box out of CD’s (2); Kaylee Heiser – Welded Horse Shoes; and Iris Dukart – Decorated Cake

Red Ribbon: Iris Dukart – Love String Art; Molly Nies – Painting

Photography – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Ian Dukart – Sunset – Plaque sponsor: Scuba Steve Well Service

Second Place Rosette:  Jessica Goetz– Horses at Sunrise

Third Place Rosette: Alayna Dressler – Wild Prairie

Superior Ribbons:  Braydon Klym – Tractor and Makalya Brew – Sunset

Blue Ribbons: Abigail Hardersen,; Haeden Bullinger (2); Alayna Dressler; Ian Dukart; Chesney Gjermundson; Jaycee Heiser; Colten Krank (2); Jayne Krank (2); Mariska (2); and Shelby Lindemann.

Photography – Teen

Plaque Winner: Kendryn Bullinger – Dandelion Silhouette – Plaque sponsor –  Dunn County Soil Conservation

Second Place Rosette: Katelynn Lane – Ducks

Third Place Rosette: Iris Dukart – Robin on Fence

Superior Rosettes: Kaylee Heiser – Horse chest and Megan Dahlen – Frosty Trees

Blue Ribbons: Kendryn Bullinger; Iris Dukart; Skyler Heiser; Katelynn Lane; Molly Nies; and Bailey Smith (2)

Science, Engineering, and Technology – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Haeden Bullinger – Dog house with siding  Plaque Sponsor: KLJ Inc.

Second Place Rosette: Ian Dukart – Goat Feeder

Third Place Rosette: Braydon Klym – Electricity Extension Cord

Blue Ribbons: Wyatt Bohner – Bird house; Abigail Hardersen – Birdhouse; Brayden Klym – Birdhouse; Colten Krank – Power Point and Woodworking Stool (2)  Jayne Krank – Power Point; Haeden Bullinger – Lego Payloader, Fence Gate Latch, Welding and Horeshoe boot holder (3)

Red Ribbons: Haeden Bullinger – Ford Pickup Model; Faith Norby – Book Shelf

Science, Engineering, and Technology – Teen

Plaque Winner: Kendryn Bullinger – Wood Shelf  Plaque sponsor: Brew Construction

Red Ribbons: Megan Dahlen – Woodworking Display

Environmental & Earth Science – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Shelby Lindemann – Shooting Sports Display Plaque sponsor: Marathon Oil Company

Second Place Rosette: Mariska Krank – Birdwatching Display

Third Place Rosette: Colten Krank – Fishing Display

Red Ribbon: Colten Krank – Birdwatching Display; Jayne Krank – Shooting Sports Display; Shelby Lindemann – Ecosystem

Plant, Soil & Animal Science – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Tate Norby – Grain Sheaf Plaque sponsor: Marathon Oil

Second Place Rosette: Ian Dukart – Fencing Poster

Third Place Rosette: Kazanne Gjermundson – Fairy Garden

Superior Ribbons: Ian Dukart – Potted Succulents

Blue Ribbons: Alayna Dressler – Lentil Sample, Flax and Chickpea Samples (3); Kazanne Gjermundson – Horse Project Display (2); Chesney Gjermundson Horse Project Display (2); Jayne Krank – Horse Project; Brayden Klym – Fairy Garden; Colten Krank – Beef Display Project; Shelby Lindemann – Cut Flowers; Mariska Krank – Potted plant; Faith Norby – Flower pot arrangement; Jaycee Heiser – Display for Horticulture

Plant, Soil & Animal Science – Teen

Plaque Winner: Iris Dukart – Potted Plant Plaque sponsor:  Dunn County Soil Conservation

Gardening – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Braydon Klym – Garden Collection– Plaque sponsor: Bob and Tracey Dolezal

Second Place Rosette: Jayne Krank – Carrots

Third Place Rosette: Colten Krank – Red Potatoes

Superior Rosettes: Mariska Krank – Carrots

Blue Ribbons: Colten Krank – Dill; Jayne Krank – Beets; and Mariska Krank– Red Potatoes

Gardening – Teen

Plaque Winner: Kendryn Bullinger – Potatoes  Plaque sponsor:  Killdeer Pharmacy

Second Place Rosette: Megan Dahlen – Crabapples

Third Place Rosette: Kendryn Bullinger – Onions

Superior Rosettes: Kendryn Bullinger – Carrots

Blue Ribbons: Cole Carazzo – Green Beans; Kendryn Bullinger – Garden Collection, Cucumbers, Other peppers, and green tomatoes; Bailey Smith – Cucumbers and onions

Red Ribbon: Kendryn Bullinger – Green beans; Bailey Smith – Beets

Small Animals & Pets – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Chesney Gjermundson – Cat Project- Plaque sponsor: High Plains Dental

Second Place Rosette: Makayla Brew – Dog Project

Small Animals & Pets – Teen

Plaque Winner: Megan Dahlen– Dog Project- Plaque sponsor:  Kovash Furniture

Livestock Records – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Faith Norby – Sheep Record Plaque sponsor: Cody & Jennifer Dukart

Second place Rosette: Tate Norby – Sheep Record

Third Place Rosette: Kacee Wasem – Goat Record

Superior Rosettes: Ian Dukart – Goat Record

Blue Ribbons: Abigail Hardersen – Beef;  Brayden Klym – 2 Dairy and 1 beef; Ian Dukart – Beef and 5 Goats; Faith Norby – Beef and Sheep; Makayla Brew –  3 Sheep Records; Jayne Krank – Beef; Chesney Gjermundson – 3 Goats; Tate Norby – Goat record; Kazanne Gjermundson – 5 Goat Records.

Livestock Records- Teen

Plaque Winner: Iris Dukart – Beef- Plaque sponsor: Steffan Simmental

Second place Rosette: Shayly Brew – Sheep

Blue Ribbons: Bailey Smith – 3 Goat and 3 Beef; Molly Nies – Goat

Red Ribbons: Bailey Smith – Goat; Megan Dahlen – 4 Goat

Horse Records – Preteen

Plaque Winner: Alayna Dressler – Dude  Plaque sponsor: 1st International Bank & Trust

Second Place Rosette: Jessica Goetz – Tillman

Third Place Rosette: Chesney Gjermundson

Superior: Shelby Lindeman and Kazanne Gjermundson

Blue Ribbon: Kacee Wasem, Shawna Burian, Ian Dukart and Jaycee Heiser

Horse Records – Teen

Plaque Winner: Katelynn Lane  Plaque sponsor: Dunn County Farm Bureau

Second Place Rosette: Iris Dukart – Sherman

Third Place Rosette: Cole Carazzo

Blue Ribbon: Molly Nies, Kaylee Heiser, Bailey Smith, and Skyler Heiser

Cloverbud Exhibitors (noncompetitive category of 5 – 7 year olds)

Westyn Bohner – CD Sun Catcher, Painting, and Birdhouse

Kyler Krank – Photography, Tractor Display, Pickled Carrots, Carrots, Potted plant

Irelynn Dressler – Cookies, Wheat Sheave, Wood Art (2), Photography, Horse Halter Showmanship

Kannon Dressler – Horse Halter Showmanship

Jude Dukart – Horse Halter Showmanship, Horse Record Book, and Lego Art

Landry Dvorak – String Art, Sewing Project

Audry Dvorak – String Art, Sewing Project

Tess Dvorak – String Art, Chocolate chip cookies

Logan Hardersen – Sugar cookies, Birdhouse

Hailey Klym – Photography, Birdhouse, Wind Chime, and Sign Painting (2)

Kaylee Rohde – Chocolate Chip Cookes, Deer Hand Artwork

Kia Rohde – Peanut Butter Chocolate chip cookies, Deer Hand Artwork

Braelyn Wasem – Brownies and Finger Loom Accessories

Teytum Bullinger – Wooden Tractor, Wooden Tow Truck, and Basketball

Top awards in each category are on display at American Bank Center in Killdeer, ND so please go and check out the wonderful projects. 4-H provides hands-on, real life experiences through projects, activities, and events. Our program is available to all youth and offered right here in Dunn County. 4-H is the largest and the only research based youth organization in the state so if you have youth interested in joining please contact the Dunn County Extension Service at 764-5593 as the new 4-H year is about to begin September 1, 20116.

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