Dunn County crime report from the office of ASA Pat Merriman

Dunn County crime stats from July 12, 2014.

New Criminal Case Filings: Carlson, Klay G.,  (DUI in Excess of .08%); Carmon, Stephanie J.,  (Fish & Game violation); Eisle, Ryan W.,  (Possess. of Methamphetamine [Class C felony], Possess. of Paraphernalia [Class C felony], Possess. Marihuana (Class B misdemeanor), Possess. of Paraphernalia [Class A misdemeanor]); Etcitty, Bryson B.,  (Possess. Alcohol by Minor); Gall, Justin H.,  (DUI .08% or higher); Galvez, Joshua I.,  (Possess. of Marijuana, class B misdemeanor); Gutierrez-Simental, Jose L., (DUS); Hernandez, Eduardo C.,  (DUS); Lavy, David B., 1 (DUI .08% or higher, Refusal to Submit to Alcohol Test); Moline, Jodi R.,  (DUS); Nelson, Richard B.,  (class C felony DUI, Aggravated [3+ within past 7 years], class C felony DUI over .16, DUI -w- Serious Physical Injury to Another, Aggravated Reckless Driving, and DUS); Schwindt, Joseph P., 1(DUS); Spotted Bear, Clayton S., 1(Making a False Report to Law Enforcement); Whitney, Paula J., (DUI in Excess of .08%).

NOTE: As used in this column, the term “DUI” denotes an accusation of Driving Under the Influence either by being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, in excess of .08% within 2 hrs. of driving, refusing to submit to roadside testing and/or refusing to submit to chemical testing. “DUS” denotes Driving Under Suspension. All defendants are presumed innocent until either pleading, or being found, guilty in a court of law.
Administrative Traffic Trials: Mubarak, Mohamud A.,  (Defendant’s request to continue trial granted); Rice, Tyler W., (Disregarded a Stop Sign & Failure to Provide Proof of Registration); Sanchez, Jesus E.,  (Speeding 35/25 and Disregarded a Stop Sign).
Criminal Case Dispositions: Thompson, Ryan C.,  (Open Receptacle, Plea of Guilty, Sentenced to: $50 fine, Failure to Comply Notice Paid).
Other Activity in Criminal Cases: Bandle, Christie A.,  (Bench Warrant for failure to appear); DePeralta, Cameron P., (Rule 43 filed for Reckless Driving); Ellis, Richard A., (Preliminary Hearing Re-Set, Awaiting Lab Test Results); Mudhenk, Terea M., (Stipulation to Continue PTC); Nickerson, Wayne E.,  (Disorderly Conduct, various pro se Motions filed); Rice, Tyler W.,  (Request for Change of Judge regarding Disorderly Conduct, Preventing Arrest Or Discharge Of Other Duties, DUI in Excess of .08%, Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test); Sage, Roland T., (Motion to Amend Judgment); Rodriguez-Silva, Carlos A., (DUS dismissed, by statute, upon Defendant’s reinstatement); Schnell, Casey W.,  (Preliminary Hearing Re-Set, Awaiting Lab Test Results); Youngbear, Franklin D., (Petition to revoke probation DUI in Excess of .08%).
(Editor’s Note: This report of Dunn County crime information is provided by ASA Pat Merriman. It will appear each week in the DCH.)

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