Dunn County Herald releases Top-10 stories

Over the past year, the Dunn County Herald has published more than 500 stories in print and on the website.


Over the next two weeks, the Dunn County Herald will review its top-10 most-viewed stories for 2016. These stories are based on viewership on the website dcherald.com over the past 365 days. A “view” is when somebody clicks on the story link on the website or a story link on Facebook.

The most-viewed story of 2016 was on a arrest of three individuals based on a raid at multiple locations executed by the Dunn County Sheriff Department with the assistance of the Southwest Tactical Team, The Badlands Narcotics Task Force, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the ND Livestock Association.

Evidence of multiple felony crimes were recovered. The story garnered 5,586 views.

Two stories from the 8-part series “Making of a Murder” by Pat Merriman, were in the top five of most-viewed stories. The seventh installment of the series was number two on the list with 1,981 views, while Part 8 of the series was fourth with 1,195 views.

The quick-striking monstrous hail storm in July that hammered Killdeer had the third-most views with 1,388. The storm lasted about 30 minutes and damaged in some way or another every building in the city.

An arrest by Dunn County Sheriff deputies of a felon during a traffic stop rounded out the top-5 stories. It had 878 views.

A story on the PSC approving a permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would go through Dunn County, was sixth with 761 views. A raid by the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department that resulted in the arrests of several individuals on suspicion of possession of drugs, illegal firearms and an illegal reptile had 721 views, which was seventh.

Two feature stories of local women battling breast cancer were eighth and tenth on the list. Former Killdeer teacher Mary Wheeling shared her story on how she beat cancer after she was diagnosed 16 years ago had 675 views, while Manning bar owner Angel Nash story of her current battle with the deadly disease had 656 views.

A sports feature on the early-season success of the Killdeer pole vaulters on the girls track team had 665 views, which was ninth on the list.

The Dunn County Herald will re-print portions of the bottom five of the top-10 list this week. They can be found on page 5.

The top five stories will be printed in next week’s edition.

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