Dunn County Road Days


Dunn County Road Department hosted Road Day and Open House, on August 10. It included food, a backhoe rodeo, and heavy equipment showcase. It was a fun event for all ages.

By Nicole Nowitzki

During this event, one of the goals was to inform the community about the equipment and allow them to meet the crew. Lori Tabor, 2016 County Employee of the Year, was in attendance along with the wonderful road workers that allowed everyone to climb into the equipment, answer questions about each one, and help the little ones maneuver these giant beasts.

Program Director, Dale Heglund, shared some fliers filled with interesting information. There are 1,200 roadway miles, 1,147 miles of gravel, 53 miles of pavement, 27 bridges, and 43 road employees. These employees are responsible for 15 gravel and water trucks, 3 snow plow/dump trucks, 15 motorgraders and other various equipment, and signs.

With winter just around the corner, it was nice to be able to thank these wonderful people that will make it their duty to keep our roadways safe and clear.

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