Dunn County Social Services Offers Generous Food Pantry

The environment certainly changes when walking into the Dunn County Social Services office in Killdeer. 

fooddriveBy Bryan Katz | Staff Reporter

The environment certainly changes when walking into the Dunn County Social Services office in Killdeer. Lighthearted employees are abundant, with smiles on their faces ready to serve you. For over 30 years, the Social Services office has been selflessly providing services for local individuals, as well as communities, with its food pantry.

The holiday season is the perfect time to donate food to those less fortunate, to ensure that they have a wonderful season as well.

Though there are other food pantries, drop off locations and other food donation agencies spanning the county, the Dunn County Social Services office is one of two remaining offices that offer an in-house food pantry, while others simply run through different agencies.

The food bank provides families and individuals with food and supplies for the coming holidays.

“Sometimes we get down to darn near nothing. Other times, we get hit hard,” said Lynelle Boucher, the receptionist at the Social Services office, in regards to the quantity of donations received.

The food pantry provided by Dunn County Social Services is an ongoing service and is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, including the noon hour. For those interested in donating, Social Services will only accept store bought foods, non-perishables, paper products and toiletries because of the possibility of something being tainted if made at home.

The Dunn County Herald would like to extend its warm hand this season, in partnering with Grab n Go, SuperValu, First International Bank and Trust, the Dunn Center City Hall and the Dunn County Social Services office to provide our citizens with a place to come in times of hardship to be sure that this holiday season, everyone is fed.

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