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The June 2014 primary election will soon be here.

By Maggie Piatz

Posted May 9, 2014
I would like to put as much information out to our readers as I can to help you decide which of the candidates best reflect your opinions or needs. Here in Dunn County, our elections have always been friendly and with respect. We all realize that when these elections are over; we still need to be neighbors and friends no matter who we run against. Digging out the dirt or spreading rumors is not how things have been done here in Dunn County and I would like to discourage this type of campaigning.
My plans are to interview and write an informative article with each candidate who is running for any office. I would like to know what questions you would like me to ask the candidates when I interview them. The questions that apply to most of our candidates are issues pertaining to Dunn County will be selected for the interviews.
Some ideas I have to ask about is the dust issue, trucks overloaded and/or speeding, garbage being thrown from these trucks and I am sure you have a number of good questions that I am not thinking of. I am primarily concerned about what the future brings for our communities and the county. What do our candidates plan to work on for our future? Because the majority of you have the same concerns and if you would like to remain anonymous; I will honor that request.
As most of you know, I have some health issues which are taking me to Mayo Clinic soon. I will be away for a short while and so I would like your questions and comments to be submitted to me: or mailed to my home address: 41 2nd Street West, Dunn Center, ND 58626. I appreciate your interest and I will respond to each one who submits their question or comment.
On May 20th, the Killdeer Area Ambulance will be having an Open House to celebrate EMS week and show their appreciation of the generous support they have received for our area. It will be held in their new facility located at 25 High Street NE in Killdeer from 4-7 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

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