Explosion at Local Business

This past Sunday at approximately 3:45 pm, there was an explosion at Environmental Driven Solutions and Renewable Resources.


By Jordan Wright

For the DC Herald

One person was injured in the blast and was taken by ambulance to Dickinson.

According to Denise Brew, Emergency Manager for Dunn County, the explosion was caused when a worker was doing welding work on a tank that had an accumulation of fumes. Environmental Driven Solutions and Renewable Resources is a business that deals with oil and waste.

Highway 22 was closed to traffic for a period of time due to the thick black smoke in the area. Once the smoke had dissipated and it was determined to be safe for motorists, the Highway Patrol and Emergency Management opened the highway back up for travel.

Thanks to the quick response of the West Dunn Fire Department, the flames were contained by 7 p.m. Local law enforcement, as well as the ambulance crew, were also on the scene providing invaluable assistance.

In total, there were eight departments who were called to the scene, including: West Dunn Fire Department (including both Killdeer and Dunn Center), the Dunn County Sheriffs’ Office, Killdeer Area Ambulance, the Killdeer Police Department, the Dunn County Emergency Manager, ND Highway Patrol, and the Dunn County Road Department.

Emergency Manager Denise Brew would also like to thank those who were able to provide extra water for the Fire Department, as the blaze required over 30,000 gallons of water.

The accident was surely terrifying, but thanks to the efforts of all those involved, there was only one injury. Luckily, the worker who was doing the welding was able to get away from the fire and avoid any life-threatening injuries.

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