Extra statewide DUI Patrols set for June

Drivers who want to hang on to their hard-earned money should be aware that extra driving under the influence patrols will be out in force during the month of June.

A driver who gets hit with a DUI arrest can expect the consequences to be costly. The cost of a DUI could add up to approximately $10,000; however, beyond the fines of a DUI, the potential cost is much higher because you are risking your life or the lives of others.

A first DUI offense with a blood alcohol content below 0.16 earns a $500 fine, a 91-day license suspension (which will add transportation costs), and $100 driver’s license reinstatement fee. The driver is responsible for the cost of their vehicle towing and impound and a $300 mandatory alcohol evaluation. Attorney and court fees will cost at least $2,500. A DUI kicks in high-risk auto insurance premiums, which snowball to $6,600 over the minimum three years.

The month of June has the second-highest average number of fatalities over the last ten years; only October has had more fatalities.

“The risk just isn’t worth it. Do yourself and everybody else a favor: don’t drive impaired. When in doubt, call a cab or find other transportation,” Birst advises.

Law enforcement patrols will be on alert during June for drivers under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, narcotics or other drugs. The added patrols are expected to help prevent DUIs, as well as getting impaired drivers off the roads.

In 2014, nearly 45 percent of all motor vehicle fatal crashes were alcohol-related.

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