‘Find The Hero In You’: School Group Sponsors Blood Drive

A trait that is engraved in the entire human race is to give help were it is needed, without a second impulse of thought.

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By Celeste Musick

For the DC Herald

The Killdeer community holds this trait to high expectations.

Helping to fulfill that trait, Killdeer Public School’s HOSA, a student lead health organization, recently held its very first blood drive. It was successful, thanks to United Blood Services and the Killdeer Ambulance crew.

Travis Dressler of United Blood Services expressed gratitude for the students’ efforts, as well as to the local fire and ambulance hall. Forty-three donors were registered and they collected 36 products. Having a total of 23 first-time donors at the event was “outstanding,” as Dressler put it.

“The students from Killdeer High stepped up to help and make up for the 15 units we had missed that day,” Dressler explained, adding that an equipment breakdown had caused the cancellation of a blood drive earlier that day.

United Blood Service’s Dakota region hospitals utilize a total of 550 unit of blood on a daily basis, said Dressler, which is what it required they collect every day.

Codi Schaper, HOSA president, said that the blood drive was a great experience.

“It really makes you appreciate how hard everyone in the medical field works; they are true life savers,” Schaper said.

Jasmine Ridl, the organization’s historian, agreed, adding that her experience as a volunteer was an eye-opener.

“It is nice to see such community involvement,” Ridl said.

The United Blood Service’s slogan—“find the hero in you”—was certainly on display by the Killdeer community.

“It’s up to each individual to let their special help make a difference in the lives of others,” said Cherie Roshau, advisor to the group. “HOSA members discovered that we live in a community that is filled with heroes that show their powers to help others.”

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